Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This is so dead.

In the last two months I've post here like 3 posts... that's something that hadn't happened to me in this blog for a very long while and I hate it - it sucks. 

However, I have many things going on that will come out soon, and I can say a lot of you will enjoy them. For some of them I need your opinion in order to make you be able to enjoy them. 

I'm creating a YouTube channel - it's actually created, you can find it here -, but for you to understand it, there are some troubles. I'm Spanish, so my first idea was to talk in Spanish in my blog, but if I do so, you won't probably understand it since most people who read this blog are from the US. Maybe you understand Spanish, I don't know that though. 

Then, I though of putting on subtitles for my videos, but, if there's a lot of people who would watch my videos if they were in English, I could make an English and Spanish version for each video - or even making the videos only in English and with Spanish subtitles (that's very unlikely although it's a possibility). 

It's up to you, you choose.

I've also created myself a personal website, right here, where you can find all the things I'm working on & you can be updated.

You can let me know what you'd prefer in the comments below or sending me a message to any of my social networks, see you!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Empty Playgrounds

Today I'm here with a two-piece band that I've heard about recently.

They're Empty Playgrounds, a two-piece band from Spain. It's formed by Adrián Luna and María Quinteto, two young people from Spain.

They met two years ago thanks to social media (in this case, twitter) because they're both fans of the same band, Fifth Harmony, and they ended up meeting in person. They tried playing some covers of that band, and also of other bands like Secondhand Serenade, My Chemical Romance or The Pretty Reckless.

They liked the result, for this reason they decided to meet other time to record a cover. However, María showed Adrían a rhythm she'd written, and he wrote lyrics for that. In less than two hours they had their first song finished, Let Me Just Be Yours, which you will be able to listen soon.

Since then, they started working together, and now they have five original songs that will come out soon aswell. 

They play acoustic music, as they say:
"it's just one voice and an acoustic guitar trying to convey feelings".

This is the first song they've released, called América Hundida, which is about Donald Trumps' victory in the US Elections.

I personally enjoyed this song a lot, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it, so let me know! The talent, they have it. Will they also get the sucess? 

Well, we can't know that yet, but they have so much potential!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Perfectly Perfect"

They did it again. It seems like our guys from Simple Plan aren't happy if they don't make an emotional music video per album. 

In No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls, they did it with Perfect's music video. 
In Still Not Gettin' Any, they did it with Untitled's music video. 
In Simple Plan, they did it with Save You's music video. 
In Get Your Heart On!, they did it with This Song Saved My Life's music video. 
Now, in Taking One For The Team, they've done it again. 

Perfectly Perfect, probably the song that can touch your heart in an emotional way from the album, finally has a music video that we can enjoy. 

Following the song's theme, the video is exactly what we could name an ode to diversity. We can watch many couples, but what makes the video as beautiful as it is isn't the fact that they're shown - what makes it so especial is that the people we can see aren't the stereotypes we see in most videos. 

We can see straight couples, but we can also see homosexual couples. We can see people with different body types. We can see people from different places, people of different races. 

Because all of us aren't white,
because all of us aren't thin.
because all of us aren't straight, 
because all of us aren't the typical stereotypes, 
because all of us aren't the same.
Because there's nothing wrong about that.
We're diverse, aren't we? 

Thank you, Simple Plan.
You've done it again, 
you've let us know that it's okay to be diverse,
that it's okay to be ourselves.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dear Jeydon Wale,

You all are probably thinking: "oh, you wanna talk about Jeydon as if him coming out is gossip". 

No, that's not the case. 

I want to talk about Jeydon Wale because I'm proud of him, because I know coming out isn't something easy. It shouldn't be something difficult, but it is most of the times. It takes courage to tell the world who you actually are and open up about it. 

Now this goes to you, Jeydon,

I'm really happy that you've come to the point where you accept yourself as you are, it's amazing and it draws a smile on my face to hear you say that you're so happy. It actually does. 

As a transgender guy, I know all that, I can relate to everything you said and I did tear up because you deserve all the good things that happen to you.

Also, I know how much it helps our community the fact that someone like you have been able to stand up and say the truth: that we're just as everyone else. Because, the more we talk about it, the more natural people start to see it - which is as it should be. 

I've read that tweet in which you've said you're working on a project to support the trans community, and as a trans actvist, whatever help you need, I'm willing to help and I'd love to, because that's what I try to do most of the time actually.

You have all my support, Jeydon, we've gone through really similar things after all. Stay awesome as you've always been!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Asking Alexandria's ex-lead singer coming back!?

These last days have been a little weird for the fans of the band Asking Alexandria, but today rumours have been confirmed.

Denis Stoff, singer for the band since Danny Worsnop left, has left Asking Alexandria.

Also, Danny Worsnop, who left the band in 2015, has come back.

Why has this happened? We don't have much information on this, we only know what Ben Bruce has told, which is not much. Basically he has said that Denis stopped talking to them with no apparent reason, and then reclaimed "what they owed him". Ben emphasizes that they didn't kick Denis out of the band.

Their relationship with Danny had improved, even though at first there were some downs. For this reason, finally, he re-joined the band.

Some fans feel happy about this, other feel upset about this, and definitely many don't know how to feel about this. Are you excited about Danny's comeback, or did you prefer Denis? Share your thoughts below!

Here you can watch the video in which Ben Bruce talks about this: https://www.facebook.com/askingalexandria/videos/10154640092260818/

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The band Annisokay releases new song - "Loud"

More than a week without posting any post? In any blog? I should definitely apologize about this, but also wasting time saying "I'm sorry I didn't post" is time I'm wasting when I could be talking about music - which is why you're here, aren't you? 

Today, the post-hardcore band from Germany, Annisokay, has released a brand new single off their upcoming album Devil May Care, which is coming out October 11th! 

The song's meaning can be quite blurry and open to interpretation, however, considering the lyrics and the video I would say that it's basically about how short the time we have is and taking advantage of it to say whatever you have to say, what you believe and think it's the truth - even if people won't listen. 

Do you agree, or do you find another meaning to the song? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

"God Save Us All"

The release date of Sum 41's new album, 13 Voices, is coming closer and closer. After listening to two tracks off this new album, Fake My Own Death and War, we could guess that not only they were coming back, but also that they were coming back in the music style that we would enjoy about them. 

This time, they've released another song, God Save Us All (Death to POP), that talks about the feeling that gives you rock music - that sense of unity, of sympathy, that feeling that we're all going through the same. 

13 Voices seems to be an awesome album, they haven't got softer, and they keep being as amazing as they used to be. Will the rest of the album be this way? Hope so!