Saturday, April 30, 2016

April's News!

Hi everyone!

Since this month I haven''t post anything here at all, this post is going to be a review of the most destacable news of this month!

To begin with the band which used to be called Amasic, isn't called that way anymore. They're now called Story Untold and have two new members: Max Cloutier (rhythm guitar) and Aiden Von Rose (bass)! They decided to rename the band after Matt leaving andn Max and Aiden joining the band. Details explained here:

In addition, the post-hardcore band from California, Saosin, has released a new single from their upcoming album Along the Shawod, which is coming May 30th. The single, Control and the Urge to Pray advances how it'll be like, and it looks great!

Likewise, also the band Living In Fiction has released a brand new single. Nevertheless, there's the icing on the cake in this one, since this band is collaborating in this single with Matt and Trevor Wentworth from Our Last Night - collab that has been requested by many fans! 

Altough there are many other news, I consider these ones the most highlight ones. So this is it guys! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts below in the comments ^-^

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