Friday, November 21, 2014

More Than Most

Hey there! Today, I decided to write a post about a band called 'More Than Most'. I first listened to this band after they followed me in one of my twitter accounts, and I followed them back and I checked out their latest single 'You're Not Alone' and I couldn't stop listening to them. That's why I decided to write about them. 
More Than Most is an alternative rock band from London, UK. It's formed by: Izzy Stylez, Leandro Leonardi, Daniel Allan, Mokhat Saib and Cole Solem. The band was formed in August of 2013. They have released two music videos so far. The first one, "Remember Who You Are", was released the 23th February of this year. And, the second one, "You're Not Alone", was released the 8th August of this year aswell. 
In my opinion, this band is amazing. They have really good instrumentals in their songs, and the rhythms are pretty good; you can listen to the songs over and over and they don't feel repetitive, which is great! Also, the vocals and lyrics of the songs are amazing. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, which is what I appreciate the most in a song. Also they have released a cover of the song "Drown" (originally by Bring Me The Horizon).
The song I'm going to post here to show you guys this band, is the one I listened to first: "You're Not Alone". It's a great song musically, but what really got me into this band was that the lyrics had a really powerful meaning, and I think that many people can relate to it. At least I related to it somehow and it gave me a good feeling, a positive one. I think it'd be better to describe it as a feeling of hope. I love the message of the song. Below I'm posting it so you can check it out by yourselves and let me know what you think: 

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