Friday, November 14, 2014

10 Drum Covers You Must Watch!

Hey guys! Last month, I wrote a post with 1o "Rock Covers You Must Watch", and today I decided to do something kind of similar to that. But, instead of rock covers, I'm doing "10 Drum Covers You Must Watch". 
There's a lot of great drummers out there, not only in the bands you might know. Also, people don't usually realize how important a drummer is in a band. Well, every member is as important as the others, some people just can't see that, sadly. 

1. Matt McGuire - 'Shadow Moses' by Bring Me The Horizon:

2. Otto from MadCraft - 'Damned If I Do Ya' by All Time Low:

3. Luke Holland - 'The Sinner' by Memphis May Fire:

4. Ricky Ficarelli - 'Hell Above' by Pierce The Veil:

5. Simon Williams - 'Ordinary Life' by Simple Plan:

6. Caleb Talbot - 'I Don't Wanna Be In Love' by Good Charlotte: 

7. David Kloos - 'Welcome to the Black Parade' by My Chemical Romance:

8. Chris (Moosehead Studios) - 'Final Masquerade' by Linkin Park:

9. Cobus Potgieter - 'This Is War' by 30 Seconds To Mars:

10. Kyle Conlon - 'Make It Stop' by Rise Against:

So, these are the drum covers. In my opinion, they are all amazing, and these drummers are awesome ones. You can comment below what you think of these drum covers, and of these drummers, so I can know what you guys think! I hope you liked this post and that you enjoyed watching the drum covers as much as I did :)

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