Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Emo music makes you feel better.

Hello guys! How are you all doing? Yesterday I read a very interesting post in the magazine Alternative Press, and I found it very interesting so I decided to write a post about it.
The article's title itself is: "It's official: Emo music actually makes you feel better", and the post shows a study which proves that. I hear a lot of criticism against what is called "emo music", and I don't really get it. I listen to emo music, and everyone is free and can listen to the music they want to, but people say things about emo music that aren't true. People say: "it's depressing", "it makes people cut themselves", "it makes people want to kil themselves". What is your argument to say that? Just, please, explain me why you say that, because it's so wrong. 
Music helps people, it has an amazing impact in people. What you call "emo music" has stoppped a really lot of people from killing themselves, from hurting themselves, and has made a lot of people feel way better. I don't get why people consider "emo" an insult, why they consider it offensive. When someone tells me that my music is so emo, I say: and what's wrong with that? Whenever I'm feeling down, the type of music is usually emo music, I'm not going to lie. Well, emo, punk, post-hardcore... but since people call all that genres emo... I really believe that this kind of music has a truly positive impact in people. Actually, when you're feeling down, what you want is understanding, right? That kind of music gives you understanding. And, the messages that kind of music gives, they aren't bad ones. 
I find it really funny how emo music gets a lot of criticism, when the songs are deep and have a lot of meaning behind them, while mainstream music doesn't get as much criticism, when it's empty and the lyrics are all about the same thing. It's easy: you have to respect our music taste if you want us to respect yours. Because, you don't really know the effect our music has in us. 

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