Saturday, November 29, 2014

End of November's news!

Hey guys! What's up? I'm here to bring you some news that you might be interested to hear about!
A few days ago, the pop punk band Simple Plan played live in the Simple Plan Foundation a new song from their 5th album. The song is called 'Boom'. The style kind of follows the style of their last album, 'Get Your Heart On!', what do you think of it? Below you can listen to it; I loved it, what about you?

On the other hand, the post-hardcore/metalcore band 'Vidiam' released their song "Change The Fate". They're not very known, but they're amazing, and so is their song. I loved it, you should definitely give it a try! Below you can check it out: 

And, to finish, I wanted to tell you about a new YouTube channel that you might be interested about, called 'My Digital Escape'. It's a YouTube channel where some well-known youtubers such as BryanStars, Johnie Guilbert, Austin Jones (singer), Alex Ramos (viner), Kyle David Hall, Jordan Sweeto and Alex Dorame, will upload a video each youtuber one day a week! It's pretty rad, below I'm posting the very first video of it below so you can check it out:

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jannik Brunke

Hello there! Today I decided to talk about a solo artist. He's called Jannik Brunke, and he's a 18-years-old musician from Germany. He plays covers on YouTube, but he also has original songs. He plays the guitar, the piano, the bass, the drums, and sings (I don't know if he plays any instrument more). His covers are totally amazing, and so are his originals! I love the ones in English, and the ones in German are cool too, but I can't understand a thing honestly... maybe I get to learn some German listening to Jannik's music ;) I'd consider his music some sort of energic pop, which is pretty good. Although his music started fitting more into a pop punk style! You can notice that style in the song "Stay or Go". That's the song I'm posting below for you guys to give him a listen. It's actually my favorite song by him, it's a really cool song in my opinion. It reminds me of some of my favorite pop punk songs somehow, and since pop punk is one of my favorite music subgenres, that's absolutely awesome.
So you can check it out and tell me what you think of it: 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Where Would We Be Now"

Hey there! How are you guys doing? I hope you all are doing well :) 
So, today, I was listening to "Where Would We Be Now" by Good Charlotte, and I started thinking about the song, and I thought that it'd be a good idea to write a post about it. 
I really like this song, it's so beautiful. That piano and that sound fits the lyrics pretty well. 
But, as usual, I'll talk about the lyrics more. 
Don't you ever wonder how your life would be like if something small had been different? Don't you ever wonder how everything would be like if you had made a different decision? Don't you ever wonder how it would be if you hadn't met someone or if you had met someone before? 
I'm beating around the bush, and I'm sorry about that. I know I'm not talking about what the song itself might mean, but I'm talking about what it makes me think about, what it makes me feel, so I guess it's not that wrong. 
"I keep my true thoughts locked", I think that most of us do that sometimes. I do that most of the time. For me, it's what I've been doing for my whole life, so it's not something weird. And I guess that some of you have been doing that too, even though it's not really the best thing to do. 
Now coming back to the song, the song is about that, it's about a relationship and wondering what the relationship would be like if things had been different in the past. 
So what do you think? What do the lyrics make you feel? What do you think about when you listen to the song? 
Below I'm posting the song so you can give it a listen: 

Friday, November 21, 2014

More Than Most

Hey there! Today, I decided to write a post about a band called 'More Than Most'. I first listened to this band after they followed me in one of my twitter accounts, and I followed them back and I checked out their latest single 'You're Not Alone' and I couldn't stop listening to them. That's why I decided to write about them. 
More Than Most is an alternative rock band from London, UK. It's formed by: Izzy Stylez, Leandro Leonardi, Daniel Allan, Mokhat Saib and Cole Solem. The band was formed in August of 2013. They have released two music videos so far. The first one, "Remember Who You Are", was released the 23th February of this year. And, the second one, "You're Not Alone", was released the 8th August of this year aswell. 
In my opinion, this band is amazing. They have really good instrumentals in their songs, and the rhythms are pretty good; you can listen to the songs over and over and they don't feel repetitive, which is great! Also, the vocals and lyrics of the songs are amazing. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, which is what I appreciate the most in a song. Also they have released a cover of the song "Drown" (originally by Bring Me The Horizon).
The song I'm going to post here to show you guys this band, is the one I listened to first: "You're Not Alone". It's a great song musically, but what really got me into this band was that the lyrics had a really powerful meaning, and I think that many people can relate to it. At least I related to it somehow and it gave me a good feeling, a positive one. I think it'd be better to describe it as a feeling of hope. I love the message of the song. Below I'm posting it so you can check it out by yourselves and let me know what you think: 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Me Against The World"

Hello guys! Last month, reviewing Simple Plan's album 'Still Not Getting Any', I said that I would like to write about the song "Me Against The World", and that's what I'm going to do now. 
I really love this song, and especially its lyrics. The instrumental: drums, guitars, bass... are amazing, and so are the vocals. But what I want to focus on now is the lyrics. 

The lyrics of the song are a critic towards society, about today's society. They talk about how in this society, people try to put down those who are different, those who think different than them. In this society, if you're "different", it's wrong. It's wrong to be different, and that shouldn't be that way. Why? Because being different is being unique, and every person is unique. Why should we be afraid of showing we're different then? 

As Simple Plan says, it's like they want to change everyone's mind until everyone's the same. Sometimes, it totally feels like you're alone against the world, as they say. Do you ever feel that? Do you ever feel like it's you against the world? Because I do. And, I think that feeling like that sometimes motivates you to prove people wrong, to show them that they're not right. Also I have the belief that not everyone is like the "robots" this society has created, I believe that there's more people who thinks that this society is doing wrong, that more people think that something has to be changed. I really hope so, and listening to songs like this one, I can get a proof that there is people who think the same, because that's what the song is about. You know what? We might be a nightmare, a disaster, a lost cause, not a hero, or whatever society tells us. But we have to do what Simple Plan guys tell: prove them wrong. 

I hope you liked this post, below you can let me know what you think of it and if you agree with me or not! Below you can also give the song a listen in case you haven't:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Punk Goes Pop 6!

Hey there! As some of you might know, today it was released 'Punk Goes Pop 6'. 'Punk Goes...' is a series of CDs released by the label Fearless Record, with a lot of different volumens, in which punk/rock... bands cover songs of different genres and turn them into punk songs. As the title says, 'Punk Goes Pop' turns pop songs into punk songs. 
Thanks to a full stream of the album on YouTube by Fearless Records, even if you didn't get the album yet, we all have had the chance of listening to all the songs, have you? 
I'll give you my opinion about it by the way.
I won't lie, I have to admit I've listened to 'Punk Goes Pop' albums way better than this one. I'm not saying this one is bad, this one is good, I like it. Actually there are some covers that actually kill it! I'm only talking in general. 
Anyway, this one is good, and I like the covers way more than the originals, which is awesome and doesn't disappoint! And, some of them are really good, so you can check it out and listen to the album so you can tell me what you think of it. Some covers are sick and I can't stop listening to them; there are some great bands on it! 
Below I'm posting the official video of the cover by Tyler Carter featuring Luke Holland of the song "Ain't It Fun" (originally by Paramore) so you can give it a listen:

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hello guys! Last August, reviewing Our Last Night's EP "Oak Island", I mentioned that I wanted to write a post about a song that comes from it called "Sunrise". Today, I was listening to the EP while finishing my homework and decided that today's post would be about that song.
The song was written by Trevor Wentworth (singer and sreamer) and Matt Wentworth (guitarist and singer). They watched a documentary called "Bully" with their family, and that documentary inspired a lot of the lyrics of the song, as they said at the end of the video. 
For me, it was the first song I ever listened by this band, and the song that got me into them. Basically the song was on YouTube's suggestions box and I just clicked in the video and watched it. 
First of all, after I heard them say that the documentary "Bully" had inspired them to write the lyrics, I decided to watch the documentary. I'm not going to lie, I cried, and a lot. The documentary has got a lot of parts that are completely heartbreaking. You can search it and watch it if you want to. I think it's a really good choice to watch it, especially if you don't know how much bullying can affect people. 
Second, now talking about the song itself. I think that the song has a lot of power, positive power, but it definitely depends of the person who listens to it. In the bridges, they are describing what life itself is like to some kids, to some teenagers who suffer from bullying and who are affected by words said by others. And, in the chorus, there's a really clear hope message by Our Last Night to those kids, teenagers.
I've never been bullied, or at least I don't consider that what people have done to me can be considered as bullying, but there's a lot of people who have told me things that I've never forgotten and I'll never forget and that have really affected me negatively and have hurt me. And, when I listen to this song, it gives me hope. This song, whenever I'm feeling down, for any reason, it makes me feel way better. I don't know how to describe it, but it's so amazing the power this song has. 
I guess I only have a few things more to say. If you think that words cannot affect other people, you're really wrong. You shoud watch what you say, because you'll never know who's hurting, who's fighting to stay alive. I know I'm very annoying with this, but bullying isn't stopping, and it totally has to stop. It kills people, guys, we have to stop this. 
And, if you're hurting, if people are letting you down, just remember that this world is a better place with you in it, and that people trying to put you down aren't better than you. You're not alone, I'm always here to listen and to support you all. I totally mean that, so message me anywhere and I'll try my best to help you.
Below you can listen to the song and let me know what you think of it:

Friday, November 14, 2014

10 Drum Covers You Must Watch!

Hey guys! Last month, I wrote a post with 1o "Rock Covers You Must Watch", and today I decided to do something kind of similar to that. But, instead of rock covers, I'm doing "10 Drum Covers You Must Watch". 
There's a lot of great drummers out there, not only in the bands you might know. Also, people don't usually realize how important a drummer is in a band. Well, every member is as important as the others, some people just can't see that, sadly. 

1. Matt McGuire - 'Shadow Moses' by Bring Me The Horizon:

2. Otto from MadCraft - 'Damned If I Do Ya' by All Time Low:

3. Luke Holland - 'The Sinner' by Memphis May Fire:

4. Ricky Ficarelli - 'Hell Above' by Pierce The Veil:

5. Simon Williams - 'Ordinary Life' by Simple Plan:

6. Caleb Talbot - 'I Don't Wanna Be In Love' by Good Charlotte: 

7. David Kloos - 'Welcome to the Black Parade' by My Chemical Romance:

8. Chris (Moosehead Studios) - 'Final Masquerade' by Linkin Park:

9. Cobus Potgieter - 'This Is War' by 30 Seconds To Mars:

10. Kyle Conlon - 'Make It Stop' by Rise Against:

So, these are the drum covers. In my opinion, they are all amazing, and these drummers are awesome ones. You can comment below what you think of these drum covers, and of these drummers, so I can know what you guys think! I hope you liked this post and that you enjoyed watching the drum covers as much as I did :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Emo music makes you feel better.

Hello guys! How are you all doing? Yesterday I read a very interesting post in the magazine Alternative Press, and I found it very interesting so I decided to write a post about it.
The article's title itself is: "It's official: Emo music actually makes you feel better", and the post shows a study which proves that. I hear a lot of criticism against what is called "emo music", and I don't really get it. I listen to emo music, and everyone is free and can listen to the music they want to, but people say things about emo music that aren't true. People say: "it's depressing", "it makes people cut themselves", "it makes people want to kil themselves". What is your argument to say that? Just, please, explain me why you say that, because it's so wrong. 
Music helps people, it has an amazing impact in people. What you call "emo music" has stoppped a really lot of people from killing themselves, from hurting themselves, and has made a lot of people feel way better. I don't get why people consider "emo" an insult, why they consider it offensive. When someone tells me that my music is so emo, I say: and what's wrong with that? Whenever I'm feeling down, the type of music is usually emo music, I'm not going to lie. Well, emo, punk, post-hardcore... but since people call all that genres emo... I really believe that this kind of music has a truly positive impact in people. Actually, when you're feeling down, what you want is understanding, right? That kind of music gives you understanding. And, the messages that kind of music gives, they aren't bad ones. 
I find it really funny how emo music gets a lot of criticism, when the songs are deep and have a lot of meaning behind them, while mainstream music doesn't get as much criticism, when it's empty and the lyrics are all about the same thing. It's easy: you have to respect our music taste if you want us to respect yours. Because, you don't really know the effect our music has in us. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

"Kick Me"

Hey there! Today, the post-hardcore/alternative rock/pop punk band Sleeping With Sirens has released their new single "Kick Me". We had already had the chance of listening to the song once live, but we hadn't been able to listen to the studio version.
The song is absolutely amazing, both lyrically and instrumentally. The lyrics are the perfect ones to listen to and sing along to pick you up and make you feel like you can win aganist anything, right? At least it's what songs like this make me feel :) Also, the rhythm, instrumental, is awesome and so catchy. 
This change of musical direction, which feels very pop punk, to me, is fantastic. The video is really cool too! Definitely, listening to Kick Me, it made my day. You should give the song a listen if you haven't, you won't regret it if you like pop punk music, or basically you like Sleeping With Sirens :) 
Below I'm posting the video so you can check it out, let me know your opinions of it too!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

For... "attention"?

Hello guys! This is the first post of the month, and I decided to make a deep one again. 
I've been listening to a lot of people talk about self harm recently, but I've noticed how they don't really understand it. They were all saying things that weren't true at all, and that's what I wanted to talk about. 
Before starting, I want to make this clear: this is just my opinion, what I think. You might agree or not with that, and that's completely okay. But I can assure you that I know what I'm talking about. 
To begin with, most people think that self harm is a suicide attempt. For example, they see scars in someone's wrist and they automatically think it's a suicide attempt. In a suicide attempt, the person is trying to die. When someone self harms, they're NOT trying to die. This is of course, in most of the cases. But, what I'm saying is true. Actually, not everyone who self harms is suicidal, not at all. 
Secondly, most people think that self harm is for attention. If you think it's for attention, I want to ask you something: if it's for attention, why do people who self harm try and hide it? Some people have been hiding it from everyone for months, even years. You think it's for attention? If it was for attention, they wouldn't hide it, they would do it right in front of you and never ever hide it from people. 
Do you want to know why people self harm? Well, each person has their own life and reasons why, but, mostly, I think people do it as an escape. Yes, as an escape. The same way as some people drink or get high or smoke. Also they think they deserve it sometimes, or they just want to feel something else besides the emotional pain. If you're feeling physical pain, you forget about the emotional one, at least for a while. That's why. 
Of course I think self harm is wrong, I've talked about it here before. And I'm always here for all of you guys, and you can always message me, believe me, talking to someone is way better than hurting yourself, you won't get anything good from that, even though it feels good, the truth is that it's not good at all.
But what I really want with this post is to make people who read this realize that self harm isn't as you think. I'm sick of seeing people judge it and call people who do it "attention seekers", when they're keeping all their feelings to themselves instead of talking to someone, it's the opposite as what people say. 
I hope you liked this post, and, remember I'm here for all of you. Comment below what you think!