Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Villain Of The Story

Hello everyone!

It's been ages since I last reviewed an artist or band, for that reason, I decided to go back at it and today I'm talking about 'Villain of the Story'. 

Villain of the Story is a Post-Hardcore/metalcore band from Minnesota, currently formed by Christian Grey (vocalist), Logan Bartholomew (vocalist), Sean Wayne (bassist) and Michael Ivers (guitarist). Cody Pauly used to be the guitarist of the band but he left it for personal reasons.

The band has released one EP so far, called "The Prologue", which was released March 3rd of this year. 

The first two songs we got to listen by them were "The Holy One" and "Somebody to Care". Their biggest hit came with the release of their single and official video for "A Life Worth Living". For me, it was the first song I listened to by them, and the one that got me to love them! Actually, it's a really meaningul and deep song that gives a very hopeful and important message to the world about people deserving a chance and moslty about loving and helping others - which is more than important, specially in a society that is becoming more and more heartless. 

Also, the video is very meaninful as well! 

On the other hand, their EP also contains other three amazing songs that don't disappoint at all. 

Villain of the Story played Warped Tour two days ago, and they have a great future in front of them as they seem to grow and grow! They have the talent, the good music, and they're reaching the fans so, the only question is, how long will it take until they lead to success? I think that not much long! 

Below I'm posting one of their singles for you to give it a listen, let me know what you think of them below in the comments and tell me if you'd like me to write a review of their EP! Go!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

10 Acoustic Covers You Must Watch | P.2

Hey guys! How are you spending your summer vacations? I hope you're enjoying them! 

Today I'm here to bring you "10 Acoustic Covers You Must Watch, Part 2". I have many amazing covers I've been finding on YouTube that you'll probably enjoy, and this time it's the turn of acoustic covers again. There we go! 

1. The Fiasco - Save You (originally by Simple Plan):

2. Joel Poe - Here Without You (originally by Three Doors Down):

3. Marcel Kohler - Kristy Are You Doing Okay (originally by The Offspring)

4. Brian and Kevin Mikula - The Red (originally by Chevelle):

5. Strings Attached - A Prophecy (originally by Asking Alexandria):

6. Trenton Eliopoulos - Swing Life Away (originally by Rise Against):

7. Nick Burt - Memories of a Broken Heart (originally by Crown The Empire):

8. Sondre Nystrom - Never Surrender (originally by Skillet):

9. Brian Hagan and Trevor Dodson - A World Divided (originally by Our Last Night):

10. Between You & Me - Tidal Waves (originally by All Time Low):

So, this is it! These are 10 amazing acoustic covers I found across YouTube, but not the only one though. I created a YouTube Playlist in which you can watch even more acoustic covers, and you can share with me if you know any cool ones as well! I'm also open to any new music so if you're an artist and you'd like me to give your music a try or write a post about you here, so feel free. 

Apart from that, I don't have anything else to say, have a nice day and stay tuned for new posts! ^-^ 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

#DearMariaPlatinum and more good news!

Hi everyone! I've got some very interesting news for you all that you'd like to hear :)

To begin with, the rock band Saint Asonia (whose lead singer is Adam Gontier, ex-singer of Three Days Grace) has released a brand new single called "Let Me Live My Life", which defeinitely doesn't disappoints and reminds us the old Three Days Grace times. Their album will be out July 31st. 

To continue with, the heavy metal band Bullet For My Valentine has released a brand new single coming off their new album 'Venom', which will be out August 14th. The amazing single called "Army of Noise" advances us again how amazing it seems to be!

Also, the pop rock/pop punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer has released a new single called "She's Kinda Hot". With a change in their style, with guitar solos, the music that turns more into "pop-punk" has received very good fan reponse, and even surprise (in a good way).

And, last, but not least, we have news coming from the pop-punk band All Time Low. Their single "Dear Maria, Count Me In" has just became platinum, as Jack Barakat (guitarist of the band) shared via twitter with us. Congratulation guys, you deserve it!

Monday, July 13, 2015


Hello guys! 

After one week without being on any of my social networks, I'm back. This time I'm not going to tell you some boring story about what I was busy with. Because this time it's amazing what I was doing. 

On March of this year, I heard about a scholarship that consisted on a week of linguistical invertion somewhere in Spain with people from many different places in the world: Canada, USA, Ireland, England... so I decided to try if I could get it. And I did. 

From 5 of July to 11 of July I've been in Priego, which is a town in Spain, being there with people from everywhere in Spain, from the US, from Canada, from Ireland... only talking in English. I'm Spanish, so at first it was very hard and weird talking and listening to a different language all day, even though I know a lot of English, it was hard getting used to it. 

However, that was the only "problem", which only lasted a day, because I got used to it easily. Besides from that, everything was AMAZING. The people there were all so nice and friendly, and I had the best week of my life. The counselors, the anglos, the spaniards... everyone was amazing. I've learned a lot, not only English, but also I've learned a lot of things from the people there, I've gaigned culture, and many things I've learned there. 

But, the most valuable thing I got there was an amazing friendship. I'm back now, with many new friends from many different places, and I'm also back with a thousand memories that I'll never forget. Honestly, if you ever get the chance to do something like Diverbo, you should definitely do it, you won't regret it, I swear! 

We've done acting, singing, dancing, sports, drawing, tattoos, olympics... and even a lip dub! So many cool activities that I really enjoyed, and it's an amazing way of learning a language - and of course of meeting new people and making friends.   

The day when we had to go back home, I cried a river. I didn't want to leave that place, because I felt so happy there. I couldn't stop smiling any moment, I couldn't over-think, I couldn't do anything but feel happy. I lived for a week in a reality that I knew wasn't going to last forever - but that is the reality in which I wish I lived. 

I want to thank (again, yes, I've thanked you a hundred times) to everyone who was in Diverbo, to the anglos, the spaniards, and the counselors. Thanks to all of you I've had the best week of my entire life, you guys are awesome. 

I'm already missing everyone who was there, but the truth is that only watching the photos and videos from Diverbo keep a smile in my face, so I guess that means something.

What I really want to say with this isn't like boasting because I had an amazing time there, even though I did. The real purpose of this post besides sharing a personal experience and a massive thank you to everyone who was there, is to give a message to the people who weren't there and are reading this as well right now. Specially to the ones who might be feeling down at the moment, I want to tell you that, even though sometimes you feel like it's the end and that there's no way out, you'll never know how things can turn into, and you might end up having the best week of your life only months after you think everything should be ended. And in that moment you'll realize that after a hurricane there's always a raindow. It's just that sometimes they take a while to appear. 

The last thing for me to say here is that, if you have a moment, I'd really appreciate if you watched a lip dub we did while we were in Diverbo, the video is below!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Road To The Throne"

Hey there!

I'm here with the amazing news that the post-hardcore band from New Hampshire, Our Last Night, has just released the third music video from their latest album 'Younger Dreams'. 

This time they've got something totally new for us, with the release of a new video which is different than anything they've ever done before! In the video off their song "Road To The Throne" we can see a side of them and laugh for a while with such a funny video. However, the video isn't the only great thing, since the single itself is amazing with a message full of hope and winning even when everyone says otherwise!