Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New music videos!

I came with some interesting news for all of you :D Well, not exactly news, but actually what I am showing you are some new videos uploaded recenly of some different bands! The bands I am talking about are Mayday Parade, with their single "Hold Onto Me" (released two days ago); You Me At Six, with their single "Cold Night" (released two days ago too); and Our Last Night, with their single Dark Storms (released yesterday). I do not know if you have seen them yet, so that is why I thought it would be a good idea to post them here. All the videos are amazing, so are the songs (but the songs had already been released, so, if you like these bands you would probably know the songs). Below you can watch all the videos, I hope you like them:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kellin Quinn

Hey! So, today is 24th April, do you know what that means? It means it is Kellin Quinn's birthday! Afterwards, I decided to write this post about him. 
He is the lead singer of the Post-Hardcore band "Sleeping With Sirens" and owner of the clothing line "Anthem Made". Also he has colaborated with a lot of successful bands, like Pierce The Veil or Memphis May Fire.
Let's talk about his life and that stuff now. His full name is Kellin Quinn Bostwick and he is from Medford (Oregon). As a kid he had a hard time, because his father left his family and his mother had to separate from him. 
He is now married with Katelynne Quinn (they got married in 2013) and has one daughter called Copeland. 
In my opinion, he is one of the greatest singers I know. His vocal range is amazing and I love how his voice sounds :) Also, he is an amazing person. He is so nice with his fans and with people around him. I think he is a great example for young people and to prove what I am saying I am going to post some of his quotes ;) 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Zack Merrick is 26 :D

Yesterday, Zack Merrick, the bassist and chorus singer of the pop-punk band All Time Low turned 26. I wanted to write a post about it yesterday, but I really could not do it, which was a shame :( But today I will instead. Zack was born in Baltimore (well, if you are a hustler, you knew that), the 21st April 1988. His full name is Zachary Steven Merrick. 
A lot of people who listen to All Time Low, just love Alex and Jack, which is sad because the band is Alex, Jack, Zack and Rian, not just Alex and Jack. Actually Zack is amazing, and every member of the band is as important as the others. 
I am going to post some pictures of Zack below, I hope you like them :)


Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Things We Say EP Review

Hey! So, today I bought the last EP from the band Amasic, called 'The Things We Say' (their first together as a band, actually), and I enjoyed it so much that I have had it on repeat for literally hours, so I decided to make a review of it. 
So, there I go. The music genre of the EP is rock/pop-punk, and it contains 7 songs; one of them "If I Had One Dollar" was co-written by Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau from Simple Plan. 
In my opinion, it is an amazing EP. The thing I like about it the most is the lyrics. I love the fact every song is about something different, which whether people can relate to them, or, you know, not always about the same thing. I personally find it kind of annoying when a record/EP has all of the songs about the same thing. So, I like it the way this EP is. 
For example, the song "When I Dream" talks about how most teenagers feel, which is relatable; but, also, the song "Everything Is OK" is more about the exhausting routine where you just want to feel good, because, for any reason you do not, and I think that is a thing we all can relate in any way. Also other songs like "All For Myself" or "Life Taker" are both very good lyrically (I basically think all the songs of the EP are great lyrically anyway). 
So to conclude I recommend you to check out the songs I mentioned and the EP. And, if you have already listened to the EP or already have it, what do you think of it? Which is your favorite song from it? Mine are "Everything Is OK", "Life Taker" and "When I Dream" (I can't choose just one...).
Also, the band Amasic is on the battle of the bands of Warped Tour '14, so you can go vote them here if you want them to play in Warped Tour this year:, they really deserve to play there :)
Below I am posting the music video of their song off the EP "All For Myself", I hope you liked this review :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Alex Goot

Well, I am going to talk about Alex Goot. He is a solo artist, a pop-rock/pop musician from New York. As I have said before I am not into so much pop music, but, I first started into his music by listening some covers he did by himself or with friends, and they were pretty good, so I checked out his original stuff too. His covers are amazing, among my favorites there is a cover of 'How to Save a Life' originally by The Fray (which happens to be my favorite song, so...) he did with Kurt Schneider; which is very beautiful and you can really feel the song, that I really appreciate in music, when you can feel the singer's feelings. 
In the other hand, his original songs are totally amazing. I recommend you songs, like 'Bright Lights (Fly)' or 'Sensitivity', which are really worth listening to no matter the music genre you usually listen to. Sensitivity, actually, is my favorite song by him ever, because I relate to the song and, it's pretty good both musically and lyrically. 
So, I am going to post the song below so you can check it out and tell me if you feel the same or not; I hope you like it though :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Today, I am not going to talk about anything related to bands, or youtubers, or anything like that. I am going to talk about something I said before I was going to talk about: self-harm. 
I am not going to lie, I have never self-harmed, so I cannot go and say that I know what it feels like, that I know why people do it, no, I cannot say that. So, I think my opinion is just an opinion. Not an important one because I usually like to say you cannot really know about something unless you have lived it, so my opinion is not a big deal. Or it might be. Because I know people who self-harm, or people who used to self-harm. And, you are not the only one you are hurting when you hurt yourself; that is the truth. Even though you feel like no one really cares, there are people who do. And, also let me tell you that there are people out there who will surely listen to you, and, talking your problems through is better. I really think so; I am not just lying to pretend or anything. 
There is not always someone there to listen, sometimes you are just on your own, and you feel alone, but, I think you should try to find something that distracts you from harming yourself, something like, I do not know, maybe reading a book, drawing something, listening to some music, writing on a paper your feelings, playing some sport, anything that makes you feel good and is healthy. 
I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and there are a lot of teenagers who self-harm, and it really breaks my heart, because no one deserves to feel so much pain that the just want to harm themselves, and it really makes me feel so sad, I am not just saying that because this post is about that, I really mean it. So, please, I am begging you, that, if you self-harm, and you are thinking about harming yourself, I want you to think of me, I know I am just a random stranger, but, I really care about you, and, you can message me, or contact me, and I will listen. I will not probably be able to fix all your problems, but, I will try my best for you not to feel alone. Okay? You are never alone. Stay strong. I care about you, and I love you <3 
Those are the sources where you can contact me if you ever need someone to talk with:
Twitter: @bandskeepalive
Also below you can watch a video made by a youtuber which talks about self-harm, that I think is a good choice to watch:

This another one is really good too, it is by another different youtuber though:

Sunday, April 13, 2014

"Perfect Me..."

This next song I am going to talk about is called: "Perfect Me...", by Johnie Guilbert. Johnie is a 16-years-old YouTuber from California. He was inspired by YouTubers like DeeFizzy or BryanStars. This is an original song, written by him, which is a really personal song though, talking about a very hard time in his life to him. It is a song a lot of you probably can relate to (I hope you do not relate to it though), and it really shows you are not alone. Specially you should totally give a look at the message in the video at the end that Johnie gives to people, because it is a really important and good one. 
Below you can listen to the song, I hope you like it!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Stop And Stare"

The song I am going to talk about today is called "Stop And Stare", and it is by the pop-rock/alternative rock/piano rock band from Denver, Colorado "OneRepublic". I do not usually talk about them much, but I really love them and think they are amazing. This song is a really known one by them, even though there are more songs that have been way more famous. But, for me, it is one of my favorite ones by this band. The message I get from it is simply awesome. Sometimes, all you have to do is, as the song says, stop and stare, because, I do not know, this song is kind of weird (in a good way), oh, or not weird, whatever. This is a song which really changes according to the person who listens to it and I do not think it really has a meaning in common to everybody. I kind of relate it, like, when you are lost. Not physically lost, but lost inside you. You do not know what to do, or say, or who you actually are, or who you have become. You want to run away, but things are not that easy, you cannot just run away. 
That is my interpretation to the song. Which is yours? ;) Below you can give the song a listen in case you have not before:

Friday, April 4, 2014

"Hold On Till May"

Hello guys! Today, I decided to talk about one especific song, which has a really hard and sad story behind itself. But, there I go. The song is called: "Hold On Till May", and it is by the post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. The song is about Olivia Penpraze's story. She was an australian teenager, who was also a fan of the band. She passed away the 3rd April of 2012 after her parents disconnected her from the machine that was keeping her alive after she attemped suicide and her brain became dead. She made a video of herself saying goodbye and the reasons she was giving up, which she uploaded on YouTube. She had been years trying to kill herself, and in 2008 she started trying to kill herself EVERY 1st May. Her story is heartbreaking. The main reason of everything she had been suffering from was BULLYING. 
After her death, her friends showed the band the video and told them she was a great fan of them, even showed them photos of her with the band members. They got so touched with that. It was so sad for them, and they ended up writing two songs about her: this one, and Bulls in the Bronx. 
Guys, bullying needs to stop. We all have made jokes, but, there is a point where something is not a joke anymore. When it has consequences like that, is there anything funny about it? No, it is awful. You should be careful with your words, because you do not really know what every person is going through. Bullying is one of those things I want to write a post about, I will, I just do not know when. Also, no matter what you are going through, suicide IS NEVER the answer. I will talk about suicide too, wow, I really have a lot of different stuff to talk in the future. All I need is more free time :S But giving up is never an answer, people will miss you and will never be the same without you. 
It has been 2 years already after Olivia's death... I gave a talk to my class yesterday to my class talking about bullying and suicide because it is an actual thing that people should realize that it can end up very bad :( R.I.P. Olivia.
Below you can listen to the song Hold On Till May performed acoustic by Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil's singer) and Lindsey Stamey: 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

As It Is

Today's band is a pop-punk band from Brighton, called "As It Is". If you want the truth, I don't know very much information about them. The members are: Patty Walters (singer, very known for his covers and vlogs in YouTube that he has uploaded since 5 years ago, these are his channels: & ), Andy Westhead (guitarist), Ben Biss (guitarist, singer), Patrick Foley (drummer) and Alistair Testo (bassist). So, that's practically all I know about them, I mean, like information of the band. 
But, honestly, who cares? It is amazing to know more about the bands, but, meanwhile the music is good, there is no need for anything else. All the songs I have checked out by this band were something worth listening to! The rhythms they made are amazing, and it is amazing how the singer can scream and sing slowly sounding amazingly in of both cases. So, I decided to show you this song, which is my favorite by them so far. It is called "Can't Save Myself", and I am pretty sure most of the teenagers out there can relate to. It is about how much we wanted to grow up when we were kids and now that we are teens we have realized that being older was not that 'cool' as we had guessed. Also it is about how many of us hate ourselves, how we feel like we can't even save ourselves; I guess this is a very good song to make you all realize you are not alone, because you are not the only one who hates oneself and feels that way :) 
Below you can check out the music video for the song, I hope you like it:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Roger Rabbit"

I am going to talk about the song "Roger Rabbit" by the rock/post-hardcore band from Florida "Sleeping With Sirens". 
The song is from their EP called: If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack, which was released in July of 2012. It is the unique song from the EP which has a video for it. It is an acoustic song, so are the rest of the songs in the EP. It is not very usual in the band songs with rhythms like this one, but it does not make the song any worse at all. 
What the song is about, well, I think it depends on the person who listens to it. Maybe for me it means something and for any of you means something totally different, I don't know. But I will say what I think it is about, what it means to me. 
For me, the song is about, you know, the truth. You have to do things by yourself and love yourself because in the end "nobody's gonna hold your hand and guide you through". The message I get is that we have to love ourselves. 
In my opinion it is a really beautiful and true song that you have to listen carefully to give it your interpretation. Below you can listen to the song and watch the video: