Friday, April 4, 2014

"Hold On Till May"

Hello guys! Today, I decided to talk about one especific song, which has a really hard and sad story behind itself. But, there I go. The song is called: "Hold On Till May", and it is by the post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. The song is about Olivia Penpraze's story. She was an australian teenager, who was also a fan of the band. She passed away the 3rd April of 2012 after her parents disconnected her from the machine that was keeping her alive after she attemped suicide and her brain became dead. She made a video of herself saying goodbye and the reasons she was giving up, which she uploaded on YouTube. She had been years trying to kill herself, and in 2008 she started trying to kill herself EVERY 1st May. Her story is heartbreaking. The main reason of everything she had been suffering from was BULLYING. 
After her death, her friends showed the band the video and told them she was a great fan of them, even showed them photos of her with the band members. They got so touched with that. It was so sad for them, and they ended up writing two songs about her: this one, and Bulls in the Bronx. 
Guys, bullying needs to stop. We all have made jokes, but, there is a point where something is not a joke anymore. When it has consequences like that, is there anything funny about it? No, it is awful. You should be careful with your words, because you do not really know what every person is going through. Bullying is one of those things I want to write a post about, I will, I just do not know when. Also, no matter what you are going through, suicide IS NEVER the answer. I will talk about suicide too, wow, I really have a lot of different stuff to talk in the future. All I need is more free time :S But giving up is never an answer, people will miss you and will never be the same without you. 
It has been 2 years already after Olivia's death... I gave a talk to my class yesterday to my class talking about bullying and suicide because it is an actual thing that people should realize that it can end up very bad :( R.I.P. Olivia.
Below you can listen to the song Hold On Till May performed acoustic by Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil's singer) and Lindsey Stamey: 

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