Thursday, April 3, 2014

As It Is

Today's band is a pop-punk band from Brighton, called "As It Is". If you want the truth, I don't know very much information about them. The members are: Patty Walters (singer, very known for his covers and vlogs in YouTube that he has uploaded since 5 years ago, these are his channels: & ), Andy Westhead (guitarist), Ben Biss (guitarist, singer), Patrick Foley (drummer) and Alistair Testo (bassist). So, that's practically all I know about them, I mean, like information of the band. 
But, honestly, who cares? It is amazing to know more about the bands, but, meanwhile the music is good, there is no need for anything else. All the songs I have checked out by this band were something worth listening to! The rhythms they made are amazing, and it is amazing how the singer can scream and sing slowly sounding amazingly in of both cases. So, I decided to show you this song, which is my favorite by them so far. It is called "Can't Save Myself", and I am pretty sure most of the teenagers out there can relate to. It is about how much we wanted to grow up when we were kids and now that we are teens we have realized that being older was not that 'cool' as we had guessed. Also it is about how many of us hate ourselves, how we feel like we can't even save ourselves; I guess this is a very good song to make you all realize you are not alone, because you are not the only one who hates oneself and feels that way :) 
Below you can check out the music video for the song, I hope you like it:

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