Friday, April 18, 2014

Alex Goot

Well, I am going to talk about Alex Goot. He is a solo artist, a pop-rock/pop musician from New York. As I have said before I am not into so much pop music, but, I first started into his music by listening some covers he did by himself or with friends, and they were pretty good, so I checked out his original stuff too. His covers are amazing, among my favorites there is a cover of 'How to Save a Life' originally by The Fray (which happens to be my favorite song, so...) he did with Kurt Schneider; which is very beautiful and you can really feel the song, that I really appreciate in music, when you can feel the singer's feelings. 
In the other hand, his original songs are totally amazing. I recommend you songs, like 'Bright Lights (Fly)' or 'Sensitivity', which are really worth listening to no matter the music genre you usually listen to. Sensitivity, actually, is my favorite song by him ever, because I relate to the song and, it's pretty good both musically and lyrically. 
So, I am going to post the song below so you can check it out and tell me if you feel the same or not; I hope you like it though :)

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