Monday, June 30, 2014

"Why do you tell me you care if you're not gonna stay?"

Today, I was listening to "What If" by the pop punk band from Montreal Simple Plan and, I listened to this part of the song which says "why do you tell me you care if you're not gonna stay?", and I decided to write a post talking about this specifical quote. I have been listening to this song for more than a year, and since I first listened to the song that part of the song was one I really connected with. That's why I decided to write about it. 
I think it's a very interesting quote to talk about. People always say things such as "I care", almost everyone says that. But when we need those people who said they cared, where are them? They are all gone, they are nowhere to be found. Then, why did they say they cared? It is totally normal that, then, when someone tells us they care, we do not know if we can really trust that person or not, if they will be there when we need it the most. How can we know if that person who said "I care" will stay or go away when we need them? There is no way to know it (I guess), that is the problem. We don't know who will stay, who said the truth and who lied on us, that's why a lot of us do not open up to people. This might sound pessimist, but, most people might actually go away, well, that's what I think. Although I still believe that there is some people who won't leave and will stay when we need them. Those people are worth being close to you; those people are the real people. It's a shame that there is not a lot of people like that, but there is, sometimes they are just hard to find. 
Below you can give the song "What If" a listen:

Oak Island Acoustic

Hello there :) So, five days ago, the rock band 'Our Last Night' released Oak Island Acoustic, which includes all the songs of Oak Island in acoustic and one bonus track too! Also, two days ago they released a full stream of it on YouTube so if you haven't bought it you can have a chance of listening to it now. I recently bought Oak Island, and I found pretty amazing listening to the acoustic of it. I haven't bought the acoustic one yet though, but I have listened to the full stream on YouTube, and in my opinion is totally awesome, I loved it so much. They are an amazing band and also they are amazing acoustic, which not all bands are, not any band can do a great acoustic sound. I will probably make a review of Oak Island soon, but for now, below I am posting the full stream of Oak Island Acoustic so you can check it out and tell me if you agree with me or not:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

"End Of Me"

Three days ago, the metalcore and pop punk band from Florida, A Day to Remember, released the official video for their song "End Of Me". I am going to start talking about the song and then I will talk about the video. Well, the song's meaning is better explained with the video I guess, because it can mean a lot of things. 
The video. The kid and the father are the same person. The father ends up damaged and finding out he has wasted his whole life. The "x" the kid writes on the walls are the days, the memories, wasted. His wife/girlfriend leaves because of how he is acting and wasting his life. That's how himself is the end of him, he ends up ruining his life. It's a very deep and meaninful video that deserves to be watched, honestly. It really makes you think. I think it is one of the best videos I have ever seen. Below you can watch it and tell me what you think of it: 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vans Warped Tour is here!

Hey there! What's up? I know this last two months I have not been posting much posts here, I am sorry, but I was busy with finals and I did not have much time to post. But, I am back! :) 
The summer has just arrived, and... do you know what arrives with summer? Yes, Warped Tour! I know a lot of you are going there, or have already gone, am I right? There are a lot of amazing bands playing there, like All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd, Get Scared, We The Kings, Of Mice & Men, Mayday Parade... when I start looking at all the bands that are going to play there I wish I could go there, but I live in Spain, so I have it hard... also youtubers like BryanStars, Damon Fizzy or Johnie Guilbert will go there. More awesomeness is impossible! If any of you are going, let me know and share your experience there this year with me ;) Hope you enjoy there!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Music Saves Lives

So, last week, I posted a message on my twitter account, telling people I was going to talk about "This Song Saved My Life" in class and asking people to tell me their stories related to music, about being saved by a band, or basically helped. I want to thank to everyone who sent me their story :) And, some people asked me if I was going to post what I said, because I just did it today, so there I go, this is what I said: 

I'm going to talk about one song. It's not any song, it's different than any other song out there, it's, as I call it: unique. The song is about music, it's about one song that can change your day that can make you feel better. The song is called “This Song Saved My Life”, by Simple Plan.
The song was written by thousands of people, even though the band is formed by five members, and only two of them usually write the songs. You might be thinking… Thousands of people? Yes. The songwriters, Pierre Bouvier (singer and sometimes guitarist) and Chuck Comeau (drummer) decided to write a song for their fans, with their fans. Pierre wrote a message on twitter, which said this: “we're gonna write a song about you guys, can you tell me how our music has made you feel through the years?” Pierre said that in 10 years as a band they'd been told a lot of emotional stories, related to their music, and with the replies for the message, they started writing the song.
The song ended up as a song that a lot of people can relate to, that no matter which their favorite band is; that talks about any band out there, any song out there. When people say things such as “this band saved my life” (talking about any band), people usually say that it's not possible, that music cannot save your life, that they're just lying, but I wanted to say something. Music actually saves lives, and I did something to prove myself right. I decided to use twitter to ask people if they'd been saved by a band or they're still being saved by a band, I told people to share their stories with me if they wanted to, of course. Because, I know that music saves lives, I don't need any prove of that, but I wanted to say it to everyone who makes fun of people when someone is “too obsessed” with a band, when they say things like I said before, when they say a band means the world to them. I did get a lot of replies to my message, and let me tell you that the replies prove me right, totally. I’ve got a lot of stories, I even screenshot some, and other ones I just copied and pasted the message. I can show you, if what you want is a proof, a good one, or I can just tell you, or not do anything. I didn’t memorize them intentionally, but they were so shocking I just can’t keep them out of my head (I didn't show the username of the people who told me the stories to anybody, don't worry).
What I want to say with this is that music actually saves lives, and, sometimes people also say a band saved their life for other things. Maybe the band made them realize something important, it made them change their mind about anything, or it was basically there when no one else was. So you people have no right to judge it at all, please, just don’t judge it or make fun of it.

That's it, by the way, I was really nervous but I guess it's okay, I will write anytime soon another post here talking about how music has helped me in my own life and also I write a full post about "This Song Saved My Life", talking more stuff about the song. I hope you all liked this post :)
I wish I could have said more things and do it better, but I wasn't allowed to talk so much, and with the time I had that was all I could say :/

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Jack Barakat!

Hey there! You know what day today is, right? 18th June! That means... it's Jack Barakat's 26th birthday :) For those who do not know, Jack is the lead guitarist of the pop-punk band from Baltimore, All Time Low. He is an amazing man, and, if you are a fan of the band, you know how funny Jack is. Also I love when he is with Alex Gaskarth (singer of All Time Low) in FullFrontal, I am not able to listen to it all Mondays, I just have listened to the programme a few times, but I did enjoy it. I am going to post some pictures of Jack to you all! And, Jack, if you see this, happy birthday and I really hope you enjoy and you get a lot of burritos ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kerrang! does Green Day's American Idiot!

Kerrang! magazine decided to do a tribute album to commemorate American Idiots' 10th anniversary. It will be avaiable in the latest issue of Kerrang! which is out today :) Have you gotten it? If not, are you going to get it? It sounds awesome, and amazing artists like You Me At Six, Escape The Fate, Frank Iero, 5 Seconds Of Summer... are playing in it! Are you going to miss this awesome tribute album? ;)
Below you can listen to 5 Seconds Of Summer's cover of 'American Idiot'. I personally think it is pretty rad, although a lot of people disliked it, I find it pretty good and well done :3

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Go Kill Yourself"

"Go kill yourself". I have seen a lot of people saying others on the Internet, or even in real life telling other people to kill themselves, and I honestly can't stand it! I mean, what's the point? Why do you tell someone to kill themselves? It... it does not make any sense to me.  
If you, reading this, right now, have ever told someone to kill themselves for any reason, please, tell me a reason why you do it because I do not get it. And, "because I hate him/her" is not a reason. Suicide is a serious thing, and you have no right at all to tell someone something like that. Do you think that because you are behind a screen you are the bravest? Do you think that you are better by telling that? Do you think just because you are behind a screen your words don't hurt? 
I think this is a matter which I need to talk about, because people still say those things and they do not realize the consequences of their words, especially those three words. Maybe that person will not be affected if you tell them to kill themselves, maybe they do not even care about what you said, and they automatically forget what you said. But, what if that is not what happens? What if the last thing that person, who you told to kill themselves, thought about was killing themselves? What if that person is going through hell and you do not even know it? What if that person is suicidal? Let me tell you that telling someone suicidal to kill themselves, it is like if you gave them a loaded gun, and I am not joking. If you tell someone to kill themselves and they want to do it, it is like as you said them "what you are thinking is right, the decision you want to make is the right one", when it totally is not! What they will understand if you tell them to kill themselves is that the world is a better place without them, and the world is a better place WITH them on it. 
To conclude; please, just don't tell people to kill themselves, it is not right to tell that. It is not okay to joke about something like that and say them something like that without knowning anything about their lives, they might be going through a lot, after all, everyone is fighting something. Be nice to people, that's the best thing to do. And do not tell someone something you would not like to be told, please. Thank you for taking your time to read this, have a nice day!