Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Go Kill Yourself"

"Go kill yourself". I have seen a lot of people saying others on the Internet, or even in real life telling other people to kill themselves, and I honestly can't stand it! I mean, what's the point? Why do you tell someone to kill themselves? It... it does not make any sense to me.  
If you, reading this, right now, have ever told someone to kill themselves for any reason, please, tell me a reason why you do it because I do not get it. And, "because I hate him/her" is not a reason. Suicide is a serious thing, and you have no right at all to tell someone something like that. Do you think that because you are behind a screen you are the bravest? Do you think that you are better by telling that? Do you think just because you are behind a screen your words don't hurt? 
I think this is a matter which I need to talk about, because people still say those things and they do not realize the consequences of their words, especially those three words. Maybe that person will not be affected if you tell them to kill themselves, maybe they do not even care about what you said, and they automatically forget what you said. But, what if that is not what happens? What if the last thing that person, who you told to kill themselves, thought about was killing themselves? What if that person is going through hell and you do not even know it? What if that person is suicidal? Let me tell you that telling someone suicidal to kill themselves, it is like if you gave them a loaded gun, and I am not joking. If you tell someone to kill themselves and they want to do it, it is like as you said them "what you are thinking is right, the decision you want to make is the right one", when it totally is not! What they will understand if you tell them to kill themselves is that the world is a better place without them, and the world is a better place WITH them on it. 
To conclude; please, just don't tell people to kill themselves, it is not right to tell that. It is not okay to joke about something like that and say them something like that without knowning anything about their lives, they might be going through a lot, after all, everyone is fighting something. Be nice to people, that's the best thing to do. And do not tell someone something you would not like to be told, please. Thank you for taking your time to read this, have a nice day!

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