Monday, June 30, 2014

"Why do you tell me you care if you're not gonna stay?"

Today, I was listening to "What If" by the pop punk band from Montreal Simple Plan and, I listened to this part of the song which says "why do you tell me you care if you're not gonna stay?", and I decided to write a post talking about this specifical quote. I have been listening to this song for more than a year, and since I first listened to the song that part of the song was one I really connected with. That's why I decided to write about it. 
I think it's a very interesting quote to talk about. People always say things such as "I care", almost everyone says that. But when we need those people who said they cared, where are them? They are all gone, they are nowhere to be found. Then, why did they say they cared? It is totally normal that, then, when someone tells us they care, we do not know if we can really trust that person or not, if they will be there when we need it the most. How can we know if that person who said "I care" will stay or go away when we need them? There is no way to know it (I guess), that is the problem. We don't know who will stay, who said the truth and who lied on us, that's why a lot of us do not open up to people. This might sound pessimist, but, most people might actually go away, well, that's what I think. Although I still believe that there is some people who won't leave and will stay when we need them. Those people are worth being close to you; those people are the real people. It's a shame that there is not a lot of people like that, but there is, sometimes they are just hard to find. 
Below you can give the song "What If" a listen:

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