Thursday, June 19, 2014

Music Saves Lives

So, last week, I posted a message on my twitter account, telling people I was going to talk about "This Song Saved My Life" in class and asking people to tell me their stories related to music, about being saved by a band, or basically helped. I want to thank to everyone who sent me their story :) And, some people asked me if I was going to post what I said, because I just did it today, so there I go, this is what I said: 

I'm going to talk about one song. It's not any song, it's different than any other song out there, it's, as I call it: unique. The song is about music, it's about one song that can change your day that can make you feel better. The song is called “This Song Saved My Life”, by Simple Plan.
The song was written by thousands of people, even though the band is formed by five members, and only two of them usually write the songs. You might be thinking… Thousands of people? Yes. The songwriters, Pierre Bouvier (singer and sometimes guitarist) and Chuck Comeau (drummer) decided to write a song for their fans, with their fans. Pierre wrote a message on twitter, which said this: “we're gonna write a song about you guys, can you tell me how our music has made you feel through the years?” Pierre said that in 10 years as a band they'd been told a lot of emotional stories, related to their music, and with the replies for the message, they started writing the song.
The song ended up as a song that a lot of people can relate to, that no matter which their favorite band is; that talks about any band out there, any song out there. When people say things such as “this band saved my life” (talking about any band), people usually say that it's not possible, that music cannot save your life, that they're just lying, but I wanted to say something. Music actually saves lives, and I did something to prove myself right. I decided to use twitter to ask people if they'd been saved by a band or they're still being saved by a band, I told people to share their stories with me if they wanted to, of course. Because, I know that music saves lives, I don't need any prove of that, but I wanted to say it to everyone who makes fun of people when someone is “too obsessed” with a band, when they say things like I said before, when they say a band means the world to them. I did get a lot of replies to my message, and let me tell you that the replies prove me right, totally. I’ve got a lot of stories, I even screenshot some, and other ones I just copied and pasted the message. I can show you, if what you want is a proof, a good one, or I can just tell you, or not do anything. I didn’t memorize them intentionally, but they were so shocking I just can’t keep them out of my head (I didn't show the username of the people who told me the stories to anybody, don't worry).
What I want to say with this is that music actually saves lives, and, sometimes people also say a band saved their life for other things. Maybe the band made them realize something important, it made them change their mind about anything, or it was basically there when no one else was. So you people have no right to judge it at all, please, just don’t judge it or make fun of it.

That's it, by the way, I was really nervous but I guess it's okay, I will write anytime soon another post here talking about how music has helped me in my own life and also I write a full post about "This Song Saved My Life", talking more stuff about the song. I hope you all liked this post :)
I wish I could have said more things and do it better, but I wasn't allowed to talk so much, and with the time I had that was all I could say :/

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