Monday, May 26, 2014

Adam Gontier's 36th Birthday

Hey there everyone! Yesterday, was 25th of May, do you know what that means? It means it was the 36th birthday of Adam Gontier! Well, if you do not know who he is, he is a solo singer who was until 2013 the lead singer of the band Three Days Grace. He is an amazing person and musician, he is married, and his wife is called Naomi (she acts in one of the videos of Three Days Grace, the one for the song Never Too Late). What else can I say about him? His lyrics say everything I wish I could say and I will support him no matter what, and I hope the rest of his fans do the same... and I guess I have nothing left to say. I wanted to post this yesterday but my computer stopped working and when I fixed it it was too late to use it, so... I am sorry about it, but I guess that 'It's never too late', as Adam says :)
By the way, Adam, if for any reason you get to see this post I want to thank you for everything your music has done to me, I wish you the best Adam, you totally deserve it. 
Here you can see some pictures of him:

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Some news!

Hey, what's up? So, I am here with some news and new music videos which recently came out! 
I will start with the releasing of the new music video of the song 'Would You Still Be There' by the Metalcore band Of Mice & Men. Such an awesome video for such and awesome song. I personally think it is a very good video, what do you think of it? 

Also, the pop-punk band All Time Low released the official live music video for their song 'The Irony of Choking an a Lifesaver'. For me it was very enjoyable and it is pretty cool in my opinion:

The pop-punk band Amasic also released the official music video for their single 'You're A Freak' last week. A very funny one, and the best one by the band so far in my opinion, check it and tell me if you agree with me or not ;)

And, to finish, the pop-punk/pop rock band 5 Seconds Of Summer has just announced they are going to release their debut album July 22nd. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hello there! So today, I was listening to 'Weightless' by All Time Low and I felt like writing a post about the song. Well, not exactly about the song, I am going to talk about what the song made me feel, because, for me, the best part of music is how it makes us feel. 
So, I just started thinking of all the people who have ever told me I am not good enough, that my dreams will never come true. About the people who tell us how we are supposed to be, the things we can do and the things we cannot do. Guess what? You, you here reading this post here, you are 100% capable of achieve your dreams. Stop asking yourself "why?", and start asking "why not?". Your dreams will come true, if you fight for them. It is your time to prove all those people who are telling you you are not good enough and you cannnot achieve your dreams wrong. I believe in you even though I do not know you, so, come on! Start working on your dreams and trying to make them true, you need hard work to get what you want, but you have so many chances of getting it if you really try. This post has turned very weird since it was supposed to be about 'Weightless', but, I think it all comes from the quote of the song which says: "maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year". Do not forget that, it is going to be your year! If someone tells you you can't, you should not give a f*ck, and prove them wrong (nothing personal).
Below you can give the song a listen though:

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hey! Today, I am going to talk about a non-band-related topic, again. You are probably related in any way with this one, or if you are not, you know at least a bit about it. The topic is: bullying. 
I do not really know where to start... well, we all make jokes. I am sure you have made jokes to a lot of people. And, a joke, once, is okay. But, aren't we mature enough to do a lot of things? We are supposed to be mature, I guess. And, if we are mature to some things, why aren't we mature to realize when your joke is not funny anymore? Well, for you it is, sure, but what about the person you are hurting with your "joke"? Is it that hard to respect other people? We are human, and we all are unique, that means we all are different. Then, what's the point of making jokes because someone is different, has a different way of thinking or anything, when you are different too? You are not getting anything good with that. You might be having fun, or whatever you think you are getting with it, or maybe your intentions are not bad. But, please, think of that person. Imagine how they are feeling. Bullying causes such things as depression, self-harm, and even, sometimes, suicide. Is your joke still funny? It is not. Imagine how bad a person is feeling, it is not just a joke. As I said before, once, twice, even three times is okay. But there is a point when it is not a joke anymore. You cannot know if a person gets hurt with your joke or not, so, why don't you just don't do that joke? It is easy, respect other people, do not judge them if you do not know anything about them. Other thing I wanted to say is this, be careful with what you say, what if they are thinking about ending their life and your words are just pulling them closer to do it? If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say it. 
Well, in the other hand, if you are the one being bullied, I just want you to know that those people who bully you are not better. They will not matter soon, please, do not let them win. You are amazing, wonderful and worth it, fuck what they say. This society sucks, you know, and people judge you without knowing anything, but you are worth it. Things get better, and you are better than those people trying to bring you down. I love you, okay?