Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hey! Today, I am going to talk about a non-band-related topic, again. You are probably related in any way with this one, or if you are not, you know at least a bit about it. The topic is: bullying. 
I do not really know where to start... well, we all make jokes. I am sure you have made jokes to a lot of people. And, a joke, once, is okay. But, aren't we mature enough to do a lot of things? We are supposed to be mature, I guess. And, if we are mature to some things, why aren't we mature to realize when your joke is not funny anymore? Well, for you it is, sure, but what about the person you are hurting with your "joke"? Is it that hard to respect other people? We are human, and we all are unique, that means we all are different. Then, what's the point of making jokes because someone is different, has a different way of thinking or anything, when you are different too? You are not getting anything good with that. You might be having fun, or whatever you think you are getting with it, or maybe your intentions are not bad. But, please, think of that person. Imagine how they are feeling. Bullying causes such things as depression, self-harm, and even, sometimes, suicide. Is your joke still funny? It is not. Imagine how bad a person is feeling, it is not just a joke. As I said before, once, twice, even three times is okay. But there is a point when it is not a joke anymore. You cannot know if a person gets hurt with your joke or not, so, why don't you just don't do that joke? It is easy, respect other people, do not judge them if you do not know anything about them. Other thing I wanted to say is this, be careful with what you say, what if they are thinking about ending their life and your words are just pulling them closer to do it? If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say it. 
Well, in the other hand, if you are the one being bullied, I just want you to know that those people who bully you are not better. They will not matter soon, please, do not let them win. You are amazing, wonderful and worth it, fuck what they say. This society sucks, you know, and people judge you without knowing anything, but you are worth it. Things get better, and you are better than those people trying to bring you down. I love you, okay?

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