Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hi guys!

This comes a later than I wish it had, but yesterday I was really busy studying for a phylosophy exam and I didn't have time to write on here. Anyway, what I want to say that the post-hardcore/rock band Our Last Night yesterday released the official music video for their newest single "Home"!

I knew that they were on the studio, nevertheless, I wasn't expecting them to release a single yet, and it was such a great surprise when I saw my notifications and one of them was their video. 

The style of this new track from their upcoming is similar to their latest music, especally their two last albums. I've got to say that the start of the song with Trevor's screaming makes a great start, and then mixing Trevor's and Matt's singing with also screaming make a great combination, as they've been doing for a long while. What's more, its lyrical content is pretty nice and beautiful, making an amazing single which leaves the fans looking forward to get to listen to the rest of what seems like an amazing album!

Friday, April 24, 2015

'Never Happy, Ever After' out now!

Hey there!

'Never Happy, Ever After', the first full length album by the band from the UK 'As It Is' is out now! As I toldy you guys some time ago, the band recently signed to Fearless Records to release their first album, which is finally out.

The album features the singles "Dial Tones" and "Can't Save Myself", songs which you might have already listened to, or if you've been reading this blog for a while, have heard about because I talked about both of them in previous posts. 

I haven't gotten the chance to listen to the whole album in depth, so I can't make from this a review in this post. Nevertheless, I can talk a bit about it. 

From my point of view, I really enjoyed how they're bringing back the 00's pop-punk sound of bands like Blink-182, Sum 41, Good Charlotte... which I love since those bands are some of my favorite ones, and I love their style (especially in the older tracks). 

In addition, as someone who's been following this band for a while and have been a fan before they signed, I can't forget to comment how much this band has grown since it was formed, and how much they have improved in every single aspect!

I guess that the rest is best that you check it out by yourselves, don't you think? ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tom DeLonge releasing brand new music!

Hello guys! 

Some months ago, I informed you about Tom DeLonge (ex-member of Blink-182) leaving the band or not leaving it. After a long story of which we'll probably never listen to what really happened, he was kicked out of the band. 

Doing everything short of staying still, Tom DeLonge has started posting online demos of new songs from an upcoming album by himself in his YouTube channel! We've already been able to listen to three tracks and also to enjoy a music video which was uploaded last week. 

Complaining about what happened with him and Blink-182 won't really fix a thing, and what matters is if they're happy with the path each one has chosen. 

Personally, I enjoyed Tom's new songs, and I like the feelings he's put into them. 

Talking about 'New World', the first single he put out and the first one with a music video, it's kind of heartbreaking to see Tom break a bass and a drum set - which people say it's a metaphor of breaking away from Mark and Travis from Blink-182. 

Well, if he found that 'new world' that he talks about in the song, and he's happy in it, I'm happy for him and I want them (he and the rest of Blink-182) to be happy whatever they do. I wish they were together, but, what can we do anyway?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Future Hearts out now!

Hi everyone!

Today, 7th of April of 2015, the album 'Future Hearts' of the band from Baltimore All Time Low has been officially released! It's their sixth album so far, and today it was released on the US, as yesterday it was released in the UK. 

The album contains thirteen songs, including the singles "Something's Gotta Give", "Kids In The Dark" and "Runaways". Also, it features Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte in two of their tracks. Awesome, right? So it is the sound of the album!

But, my words don't matter, do they? You need to check it out by yourself so you can really build your opinion on this new album, and for that reason, I'm posting below a song of the album that was uploaded by Fearless Records (the record company this album was launched on) so you can give this track a listen, and if you search in the company's channel, they posted the rest of the album so you can give it a listen before buying it:

Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Love yourself so no one has to"

Hey guys!

I was just listening to the song "Therapy" by the pop-punk band from Baltimore, All Time Low, and, even though I've listened to it many times, I realized that I've never talked here about it. It's a very beautiful song, and a great one to talk about. So, why not doing so? 

I guess that everyone has ever felt like the song describes. 

You've done many things that you wish you could change - but the truth is that you cannot change them no matter how hard you try. 

You feel down for whatever reason (or for no reason), misery seems to have grown on you and seems not wanting to go. However, even though you're feeling miserable, you just smile at everything. That smile doesn't fade, it's still on your face. Is it a true smile anyway?

What about when you pretend to be the strongest even though you're falling apart? Don't you ever do that? You prefer people to think you're the person who never falls down - even though we all fall down sometimes. You just keep your pain to yourself.

One of my favorite parts of the song is this: 

"Arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to. They're better off without you"

I think that there's truth in these lines. The truth is that if you don't love yourself... who else will? Will you be waiting for someone to love you? 

If you love yourself, you don't have that problem. You don't need to search for someone to love you. You don't depend of someone who loves you. You realize your value and worth without the need of someone who tells you how much you're worth. 

You have the advantage that people telling you you're worthless or useless won't break you, because if you love yourself, you'll know they're wrong. 

Also, there's another line which says: "you're lucky if your memory remains", which is also true. We all want to be remembered when we're gone, but is it easy? Can we get that? Can we be remembered when we're gone? I guess that that's not something easy to get, however, it's possible. Truth is, you're lucky if you're remembered. 

To finish with, I'd like to talk about the last part of the song. It's only a line what I'll talk about, but it's a very powerful line:

"You can choke on your misery"

If you let your pain, your misery, win, you'll end up drowning, choking on it. You can't let misery win, you need to be the winner. You need to live with positivity and beat sadness, because you can. It's a shame letting it win, and, nobody likes misery, right?