Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Love yourself so no one has to"

Hey guys!

I was just listening to the song "Therapy" by the pop-punk band from Baltimore, All Time Low, and, even though I've listened to it many times, I realized that I've never talked here about it. It's a very beautiful song, and a great one to talk about. So, why not doing so? 

I guess that everyone has ever felt like the song describes. 

You've done many things that you wish you could change - but the truth is that you cannot change them no matter how hard you try. 

You feel down for whatever reason (or for no reason), misery seems to have grown on you and seems not wanting to go. However, even though you're feeling miserable, you just smile at everything. That smile doesn't fade, it's still on your face. Is it a true smile anyway?

What about when you pretend to be the strongest even though you're falling apart? Don't you ever do that? You prefer people to think you're the person who never falls down - even though we all fall down sometimes. You just keep your pain to yourself.

One of my favorite parts of the song is this: 

"Arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to. They're better off without you"

I think that there's truth in these lines. The truth is that if you don't love yourself... who else will? Will you be waiting for someone to love you? 

If you love yourself, you don't have that problem. You don't need to search for someone to love you. You don't depend of someone who loves you. You realize your value and worth without the need of someone who tells you how much you're worth. 

You have the advantage that people telling you you're worthless or useless won't break you, because if you love yourself, you'll know they're wrong. 

Also, there's another line which says: "you're lucky if your memory remains", which is also true. We all want to be remembered when we're gone, but is it easy? Can we get that? Can we be remembered when we're gone? I guess that that's not something easy to get, however, it's possible. Truth is, you're lucky if you're remembered. 

To finish with, I'd like to talk about the last part of the song. It's only a line what I'll talk about, but it's a very powerful line:

"You can choke on your misery"

If you let your pain, your misery, win, you'll end up drowning, choking on it. You can't let misery win, you need to be the winner. You need to live with positivity and beat sadness, because you can. It's a shame letting it win, and, nobody likes misery, right? 

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