Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hi guys!

This comes a later than I wish it had, but yesterday I was really busy studying for a phylosophy exam and I didn't have time to write on here. Anyway, what I want to say that the post-hardcore/rock band Our Last Night yesterday released the official music video for their newest single "Home"!

I knew that they were on the studio, nevertheless, I wasn't expecting them to release a single yet, and it was such a great surprise when I saw my notifications and one of them was their video. 

The style of this new track from their upcoming is similar to their latest music, especally their two last albums. I've got to say that the start of the song with Trevor's screaming makes a great start, and then mixing Trevor's and Matt's singing with also screaming make a great combination, as they've been doing for a long while. What's more, its lyrical content is pretty nice and beautiful, making an amazing single which leaves the fans looking forward to get to listen to the rest of what seems like an amazing album!

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