Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Over and Out (Outta My Head)"

Hello there!

Today I'm reviewing a song which was uploaded yesterday on YouTube. The song I've chosen is called "Over and Out (Outta My Head)"by Send Request.

Send Request is a pop-punk/rock band from Nanticoke, PA; formed in 2013 by high school friends Andrew Blank, Derek Holminski, Aron Wood and Jonathon Labenski. So far they've released a single via iTunes called "Beyond The Ordinary" which contains three songs. With a pop-punk sound that might probably remind you bands like All Time Low, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Blink-182... and with lyrics about being a teenager and the feeling that usually come with that. 

I found about this band searching for covers of the song "The Kids In The Dark" by All Time Low, I listened to a cover this band made of it, and I really liked. Therefore, I started to search more about them and listen to their other stuff as well. That's how I got into them. 

Now back to their new song. 

Its style is very similar to the 00's pop-punk songs, and the lyrics fit that style as well. The song is very catchy and the video also suits that 00's style of the video in a high school, which I find pretty rad. The instrumental is pretty good and so are the vocals are pretty good as well. 

This band is a very good one, and you should definitely give them a try, you won't regret it ;) 


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