Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"A World Divided"

Hey there! Today, Our Last Night has released a brand new single and official music video for "A World Divided" from their upcoming album "Younger Dreams", which will be out June 16th. 

This new track brings"heavy riffs" as Our Last Night has always had in their music, clean vocals in most of the song but without forgetting some parts with Trevor's screaming! The instrumental does justice of the meaning of the song, and compliments it in a way listeners of the song can really feel it. 

What's more, the lyrics bring up a really deep topic that does make you think. The song talks about prejudice, about the "division" that exists in the world because of it. We tend to think that anyone who's different from us is not only wrong, but also dangerous some times as well. As the video shows, a lot of people judge tattooed people and think that they're a bad influence, bad people or dangerous... which is totally wrong and unfair for those people. 

However, this problem doesn't only happen with tattoos. Even though we're supposed to be smart, we're supposed to be acceptive and advanced, but that's not what happens. We're in the 21st Century, but racism, homophobia, and judgement happens. People still believe that if someone's different from them it's not okay. Let me say that, as the video shows, parents have a lot of influence (and most of it) here, because that's what kids are taught many times. Acceptance in many fields is growing bigger and bigger, but there's still a long way to go through. As Our Last Night says: "we are the same" - we should start to realize it. 

Appearence isn't what you should keep in mind in order to you build your opinion of someone, you should keep in mind who they truly are, their personality, what they do. "Nothing's as it seems", for good and for bad.

To finish with, I'd like to mention this other quote from the song "between our words we could forget it all," that for me means, as I've said before, what should be kept in mind to build an opinion of someone, which would change everything. So many stereotypes only separate us, when we could understand each one another. 

I'm pretty sure that the people who judge others according to their appearence, sexuality, race... wouldn't like it to be judge themselves, right? It's time to be sympathetic and open-minded! Let's stop judgement and hate - it won't ever bring anything good. 

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