Saturday, June 20, 2015

I'm back!

Hello there everyone! 

First of all, I really want to apologize for not posting in like... more than 20 days which is close to a month, and that's not how often I usually post here. I wish I'd been able to write more this month, but I haven't had enough time, I've been really busy lately. 
I don't usually tell stuff about myself here since this is a music blog, but I'm in Grade 11 (well, in my country it has a different name) and I've been doing my finals, what got most of my time - however, I'm back!

I'm back and with news for you. ^-^ 

To begin with, the post-hardcore/metal band Memphis May Fire has released a bran new single called "Stay The Course" coming from the deluxe version of the album 'Unconditional'. The track is a very powerful one, with a very important message to take seriously! These guys never bring me down when they release new music:

To continue with, the post-hardcore/alternative band Pierce The Veil has finally, and I say finally because it had been ages since they last released some new music, released a bran new single! It's called "The Divine Zero", and it's full of energy - can't wait to hear what else they have for us, if it's like this one, the new album will be more than great: 

What's more, news don't end up here! The 16th of this month, the post-hardcore band Our Last Night has released their brand new album 'Younger Dreams', which features the singles "Home" and "A World Divided". It's an amazing album that you should definitely check out, and you can stream it on Spotify as well!

Last, and not for that less important, yesterday, Warped Tour '15 started! After a long wait during winter, it's finally here, and it'll be until August 8th. With bands like Asking Alexandria, Our Last Night, Simple Plan, Beartooth, Memphis May Fire and much more, this year's Warped Tour seems like it'll be more than amazing, doesn't it? 

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