Friday, June 26, 2015

"Turn The Page"

Hey guys!

It's been a while since I talked about a song in a deep level, today I realized that and just said: "fuck it, let's do that today", so here I am. 

I decided to talk about a song by the pop-punk band Amasic, from Montreal. This song is a kind of old one, but, as it's said, gold one. It's from a time when Amasic was still a one-man band formed by Janick Thibault, and one of the first songs I heard by him. It's called "Turn The Page". 

This rock track that talks about feeling down, going through a tough time and finding it hard to move on, to, as the song says, turn the page. Lots of times, that happens, to all of us. We get stuck somewhere in the past, and we don't move forward, we just get stuck in there, stuck among all that pain, as if it was the end of the world - when it clearly isn't. 

It's about feeling like you're nothing, like no one cares about you, even though you're surrounded by people who love you and care about you, but you just can't see that for some reason. 

"Turn The Page" is a song that I relate to in a very personal level, not only because when I first listened to it was like the song that came just in time, but also because I relate to almost every word in it - if not every word. 

Janick Thibault is a guy who has an amazing hability of connecting with people by his songs, because his songs are about stuff that people just go through and sometimes we feel like we're the only ones going through that, when that isn't what happens at all. 

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