Sunday, May 17, 2015


Hey guys! As you probably know, today is the international day against homophobia, so I thought that it would be a great topic for a post here.

So many people usually ask stuff like: "what do you think of homosexuality?", and question of that kind. Basically searching for opinion from people of the colective LGTB+, just saying. Many simply ask the question in order to know what others think of it, but, sincerely, I don't think that an opinion of that is necessary. 

We all tend to give opinions about everything, it's something inevitable. Whatever we see, read, listen to... we feel the need of giving it an opinion, of judging it; but, some of them exceed. It typical to see a couple and opine, say if we think they look good together, or they don't, or see two people and think they'd make a nice couple. We've all done that and, there's nothing weird about it. As long as you're respectful towards the other person, unless it bothers them, it's all okay. 

Why giving an opinion of two men or two women being a couple then? Wouldn't it be better to have an opinion about that couple as individuals, no matter their gender? Every single person has the right of sharing their life and intimacy with whoever they want, no matter their gender. Why is there hate? Nobody is forced to date someone of their same gender, why are there people who try to convince others to date people of the opposite gender if it's not  who attracts them or just what they want? Every person can live their life their own way, they're not doing anything bad to you to receive that hate. 

There are people who say that LGTBphobia isn't even usual nowadays, but just because it's minor than it was in the past doesn't mean that it doesn't exist anymore. It happens in the streets, in high schools, in jobs... too many people hide who they truly are and who they love because of fear, and that fear will cease to exist the day that LGTBphobia ceases to exist. And it's owned by us, and by the people who dialy say comments such as:

"Two men/women kissing? Awful!"
"It's cool to me that they love eachother, but they don't have to show it in public"
"I want homosexuals far from me, I don't want them to touch me"
"Bisexals are depraved, they like everything"
"Being transgender is anti-natural"

I don't see anything bad in love, do you? What's bad is hate, the problem here isn't homosexuality, bisexuality, transexuality... but in the hate shown by the world to those people. It's hate for no reason, a hate that, as every hate, exceeds - and if it exceeds, why not finally eliminate it?

LGTBphobia's end, as I've said, is owned by us. It's time to start to see as normal what it is and realize that what's abnormal is hate. That hate that only brings violence, fear, deaths, suicides... has to end, people need to realize that that hate brings way too many wrong things, and homosexuality, bisexuality, transexuality... don't bring anything bad. Do you think like me? 

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