Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tom DeLonge releasing brand new music!

Hello guys! 

Some months ago, I informed you about Tom DeLonge (ex-member of Blink-182) leaving the band or not leaving it. After a long story of which we'll probably never listen to what really happened, he was kicked out of the band. 

Doing everything short of staying still, Tom DeLonge has started posting online demos of new songs from an upcoming album by himself in his YouTube channel! We've already been able to listen to three tracks and also to enjoy a music video which was uploaded last week. 

Complaining about what happened with him and Blink-182 won't really fix a thing, and what matters is if they're happy with the path each one has chosen. 

Personally, I enjoyed Tom's new songs, and I like the feelings he's put into them. 

Talking about 'New World', the first single he put out and the first one with a music video, it's kind of heartbreaking to see Tom break a bass and a drum set - which people say it's a metaphor of breaking away from Mark and Travis from Blink-182. 

Well, if he found that 'new world' that he talks about in the song, and he's happy in it, I'm happy for him and I want them (he and the rest of Blink-182) to be happy whatever they do. I wish they were together, but, what can we do anyway?

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