Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Zack Merrick is 26 :D

Yesterday, Zack Merrick, the bassist and chorus singer of the pop-punk band All Time Low turned 26. I wanted to write a post about it yesterday, but I really could not do it, which was a shame :( But today I will instead. Zack was born in Baltimore (well, if you are a hustler, you knew that), the 21st April 1988. His full name is Zachary Steven Merrick. 
A lot of people who listen to All Time Low, just love Alex and Jack, which is sad because the band is Alex, Jack, Zack and Rian, not just Alex and Jack. Actually Zack is amazing, and every member of the band is as important as the others. 
I am going to post some pictures of Zack below, I hope you like them :)


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