Tuesday, July 21, 2015

10 Acoustic Covers You Must Watch | P.2

Hey guys! How are you spending your summer vacations? I hope you're enjoying them! 

Today I'm here to bring you "10 Acoustic Covers You Must Watch, Part 2". I have many amazing covers I've been finding on YouTube that you'll probably enjoy, and this time it's the turn of acoustic covers again. There we go! 

1. The Fiasco - Save You (originally by Simple Plan):

2. Joel Poe - Here Without You (originally by Three Doors Down):

3. Marcel Kohler - Kristy Are You Doing Okay (originally by The Offspring)

4. Brian and Kevin Mikula - The Red (originally by Chevelle):

5. Strings Attached - A Prophecy (originally by Asking Alexandria):

6. Trenton Eliopoulos - Swing Life Away (originally by Rise Against):

7. Nick Burt - Memories of a Broken Heart (originally by Crown The Empire):

8. Sondre Nystrom - Never Surrender (originally by Skillet):

9. Brian Hagan and Trevor Dodson - A World Divided (originally by Our Last Night):

10. Between You & Me - Tidal Waves (originally by All Time Low):

So, this is it! These are 10 amazing acoustic covers I found across YouTube, but not the only one though. I created a YouTube Playlist in which you can watch even more acoustic covers, and you can share with me if you know any cool ones as well! I'm also open to any new music so if you're an artist and you'd like me to give your music a try or write a post about you here, so feel free. 

Apart from that, I don't have anything else to say, have a nice day and stay tuned for new posts! ^-^ 

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