Monday, November 17, 2014

Punk Goes Pop 6!

Hey there! As some of you might know, today it was released 'Punk Goes Pop 6'. 'Punk Goes...' is a series of CDs released by the label Fearless Record, with a lot of different volumens, in which punk/rock... bands cover songs of different genres and turn them into punk songs. As the title says, 'Punk Goes Pop' turns pop songs into punk songs. 
Thanks to a full stream of the album on YouTube by Fearless Records, even if you didn't get the album yet, we all have had the chance of listening to all the songs, have you? 
I'll give you my opinion about it by the way.
I won't lie, I have to admit I've listened to 'Punk Goes Pop' albums way better than this one. I'm not saying this one is bad, this one is good, I like it. Actually there are some covers that actually kill it! I'm only talking in general. 
Anyway, this one is good, and I like the covers way more than the originals, which is awesome and doesn't disappoint! And, some of them are really good, so you can check it out and listen to the album so you can tell me what you think of it. Some covers are sick and I can't stop listening to them; there are some great bands on it! 
Below I'm posting the official video of the cover by Tyler Carter featuring Luke Holland of the song "Ain't It Fun" (originally by Paramore) so you can give it a listen:

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