Saturday, November 8, 2014

For... "attention"?

Hello guys! This is the first post of the month, and I decided to make a deep one again. 
I've been listening to a lot of people talk about self harm recently, but I've noticed how they don't really understand it. They were all saying things that weren't true at all, and that's what I wanted to talk about. 
Before starting, I want to make this clear: this is just my opinion, what I think. You might agree or not with that, and that's completely okay. But I can assure you that I know what I'm talking about. 
To begin with, most people think that self harm is a suicide attempt. For example, they see scars in someone's wrist and they automatically think it's a suicide attempt. In a suicide attempt, the person is trying to die. When someone self harms, they're NOT trying to die. This is of course, in most of the cases. But, what I'm saying is true. Actually, not everyone who self harms is suicidal, not at all. 
Secondly, most people think that self harm is for attention. If you think it's for attention, I want to ask you something: if it's for attention, why do people who self harm try and hide it? Some people have been hiding it from everyone for months, even years. You think it's for attention? If it was for attention, they wouldn't hide it, they would do it right in front of you and never ever hide it from people. 
Do you want to know why people self harm? Well, each person has their own life and reasons why, but, mostly, I think people do it as an escape. Yes, as an escape. The same way as some people drink or get high or smoke. Also they think they deserve it sometimes, or they just want to feel something else besides the emotional pain. If you're feeling physical pain, you forget about the emotional one, at least for a while. That's why. 
Of course I think self harm is wrong, I've talked about it here before. And I'm always here for all of you guys, and you can always message me, believe me, talking to someone is way better than hurting yourself, you won't get anything good from that, even though it feels good, the truth is that it's not good at all.
But what I really want with this post is to make people who read this realize that self harm isn't as you think. I'm sick of seeing people judge it and call people who do it "attention seekers", when they're keeping all their feelings to themselves instead of talking to someone, it's the opposite as what people say. 
I hope you liked this post, and, remember I'm here for all of you. Comment below what you think!

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