Monday, August 29, 2016


Hi there, let's talk about pop-punk! And, since we're going to talk about pop-punk, why not talk about Sum 41's latest single?

As you might know, Sum 41 is releasing a brand new álbum in October 7th, 13 Voices. The first song we got to listen off this new album was Fake Your Own Death, the living proof that not only they're back, but also they're back with the same pop-punk style we've always loved about them!

This new track keeps this style, that turns more to an alternative rock style with a meaning that can remind us to Pieces. Some say it has references to the singer's problems with alcoholism.

Nevertheless, the song itself mentions any kind of war that we might have to face with ourselves, those wars that aren't against other people, it's just those fights in which we try to overcome something that feels like a damn war.

As they say, somedays it's just so hard, but nobody said wars were easy - it's a war after all, right?

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