Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Speak Soft"

Hello there! 

Only a few hours ago, the pop-punk band As It Is released the official music video for their song "Speak Soft". This is the third single and music video off their first album 'Never Happy, Ever After". 

The video, just like the song, is about being between trying to bring someone you disappointed back to your life and wondering if you really deserve it. Well, that's my personal interpretation of the song! I really enjoy the lyrics of the song, especially the part that says: "I'd never choose to be me" - I relate to that one. And, I think that many people relate to that part too. Sometimes (or many times), I just wonder if I'd choose to be myself if I had the chance or not. The answer basically depends of my mood. Would you choose to be you? 

Besides that, the song also brings up the concept of progression. It talks about those moments when we see that we're not progressing at all, even though our intentions are good. We try to move forward and progress, but it feels like we're stuck somewhere.

Another meaning I see behind the lyrics is the feeling that you always make mistakes and let a certain person down, when maybe you don't make that many mistakes. After all, we all make mistakes and screw it all up sometimes, don't we? 

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