Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy new year!

Hi everyone! 

Today it's 31st of December and there are only a few hours left until the year finishes - wow, time goes by so fast, doesn't it?

The other day I was just checking the posts I've been writing and I came to one that I wrote exactly one year ago, in this blog. This time last year I was thanking y'all for reading me, for being here supporting what I do... last year I was happy to announce that among my blogs I had reached over 14K reads, and it seemed so crazy. You might think that it's not much, and it's not if we compare it to other bloggers... but I never liked comparing myself to others. 

A few weeks ago, I reached 30K reads among my blogs, and it didn't seem to me as much when I saw it, however, when I read that last year I had half of the reads, wow, it started seemed like much more! Also, last year, my first novel that I published on wattpad had reached 1K reads... now I have 3 stories that are over 1K reads.

I don't write with the purpose of getting much reads or having followers, that's not my thing. However, it's more than recomforting to see that there are many people who read what I write, that there are people who enjoy it and that I have a solid number of reads that keeps growing and growing. It's amazing to write when you know that there are actually people reading you and that you have a solid audience. Let's keep growing, right guys? 

So, without further delay, I've got to thank you guys. I've thanked you before and I'll do it again because it means the world to me. Y'all are awesome and I hope that you enjoy not only this day but also the year that's coming. I hope you have a happy new year and that everything goes amazing, my best wishes xx

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