Monday, January 18, 2016

"Dirty Little Secret"

Hello there! 

This month I've been really "lost" and out of my blogs and that stuff, but I'm here in case ya missed me! 

Today I'm talking to you about a song called "Dirty Little Secret", by The All-American Rejects. By the title itself you can guess what the song's about (in case you don't know the song by now) - secrets. 

It's about those secrets we all have hidden in the depths of our soul - they're our dirty little secrets. Sometimes, we end up sharing those secrets to that one person we trust the most trying to find some comfort or relief. Those secrets might be or not bad things, they might only be the side of us we want to hide from the world.

It sounds like a song with a meaning which is not much of a big deal, however, it makes me think a lot. The song itself and the music video in which random people share their "dirty little secrets" make me think about my own dirty little secrets. 

It just makes me wonder what I am hiding from the world and why I don't want the world to know those dirty little secrets. What about you? What comes to your mind when you listen to this song? 

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