Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Digital Escape coming back? Not really.

In case you don't know about My Digital Escape, I'll talk a little about it so you don't feel lost while reading this post. 

My Digital Escape (aka MDE) is a channel that was originally formed by a group of YouTubers who decided to make a collaboration channel. Basically it was formed by: BryanStars, Johnie Guilbert, Alex Dorame, Jeydon Wale, Kyle David Hall, Shannon Taylor, Jordan Sweeto... and also some people who sometimes collaborated. 

However, they broke up like four months ago, the channel remained open, but after the explanation no videos were post.

Until a few days ago, when suddenly a video was uploaded. As far as we've heard, one member of the original collab has bought the channel and re-opened it by themselves. All of this without consent by the other members, which has felt to them like being stabbed in the back - no wonder why. 

They're all upset and disappointed, since it's something they created together, and one person is trying to take advantage of it so unfairly and without even asking them. 

Below you can watch a couple of videos from some of the members, explaining the actual situation:

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