Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"Take Cover"

Let's review some music! 

Some days ago, the pop-punk band All Time Low released a brand new single off their future release Straight To DVD II, called Take Cover.

There's been some kind of debate about this song, since some fans of the band haven't actually enjoyed it - and other fans did like the song. Well, as usual, right? I'm going to share my point of view on this song. 

The lyrical content of the song, I really liked it - the meaning was great on my point of view, talking about the left out and stuff related to that. 

The style and instrumental of the song, kind of disappointed me. Even though it's growing on me, it feels too comercial, especially on the chorus. Probably if the chorus was more punk alike, or more similar to the style of the bridges, it would be so much better.

What about you? Which are your thoughts on the song?

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