Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This is so dead.

In the last two months I've post here like 3 posts... that's something that hadn't happened to me in this blog for a very long while and I hate it - it sucks. 

However, I have many things going on that will come out soon, and I can say a lot of you will enjoy them. For some of them I need your opinion in order to make you be able to enjoy them. 

I'm creating a YouTube channel - it's actually created, you can find it here -, but for you to understand it, there are some troubles. I'm Spanish, so my first idea was to talk in Spanish in my blog, but if I do so, you won't probably understand it since most people who read this blog are from the US. Maybe you understand Spanish, I don't know that though. 

Then, I though of putting on subtitles for my videos, but, if there's a lot of people who would watch my videos if they were in English, I could make an English and Spanish version for each video - or even making the videos only in English and with Spanish subtitles (that's very unlikely although it's a possibility). 

It's up to you, you choose.

I've also created myself a personal website, right here, where you can find all the things I'm working on & you can be updated.

You can let me know what you'd prefer in the comments below or sending me a message to any of my social networks, see you!

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