Friday, December 2, 2016

Empty Playgrounds

Today I'm here with a two-piece band that I've heard about recently.

They're Empty Playgrounds, a two-piece band from Spain. It's formed by Adrián Luna and María Quinteto, two young people from Spain.

They met two years ago thanks to social media (in this case, twitter) because they're both fans of the same band, Fifth Harmony, and they ended up meeting in person. They tried playing some covers of that band, and also of other bands like Secondhand Serenade, My Chemical Romance or The Pretty Reckless.

They liked the result, for this reason they decided to meet other time to record a cover. However, María showed Adrían a rhythm she'd written, and he wrote lyrics for that. In less than two hours they had their first song finished, Let Me Just Be Yours, which you will be able to listen soon.

Since then, they started working together, and now they have five original songs that will come out soon aswell. 

They play acoustic music, as they say:
"it's just one voice and an acoustic guitar trying to convey feelings".

This is the first song they've released, called América Hundida, which is about Donald Trumps' victory in the US Elections.

I personally enjoyed this song a lot, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it, so let me know! The talent, they have it. Will they also get the sucess? 

Well, we can't know that yet, but they have so much potential!

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