Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Perfectly Perfect"

They did it again. It seems like our guys from Simple Plan aren't happy if they don't make an emotional music video per album. 

In No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls, they did it with Perfect's music video. 
In Still Not Gettin' Any, they did it with Untitled's music video. 
In Simple Plan, they did it with Save You's music video. 
In Get Your Heart On!, they did it with This Song Saved My Life's music video. 
Now, in Taking One For The Team, they've done it again. 

Perfectly Perfect, probably the song that can touch your heart in an emotional way from the album, finally has a music video that we can enjoy. 

Following the song's theme, the video is exactly what we could name an ode to diversity. We can watch many couples, but what makes the video as beautiful as it is isn't the fact that they're shown - what makes it so especial is that the people we can see aren't the stereotypes we see in most videos. 

We can see straight couples, but we can also see homosexual couples. We can see people with different body types. We can see people from different places, people of different races. 

Because all of us aren't white,
because all of us aren't thin.
because all of us aren't straight, 
because all of us aren't the typical stereotypes, 
because all of us aren't the same.
Because there's nothing wrong about that.
We're diverse, aren't we? 

Thank you, Simple Plan.
You've done it again, 
you've let us know that it's okay to be diverse,
that it's okay to be ourselves.

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