Monday, November 14, 2016

Dear Jeydon Wale,

You all are probably thinking: "oh, you wanna talk about Jeydon as if him coming out is gossip". 

No, that's not the case. 

I want to talk about Jeydon Wale because I'm proud of him, because I know coming out isn't something easy. It shouldn't be something difficult, but it is most of the times. It takes courage to tell the world who you actually are and open up about it. 

Now this goes to you, Jeydon,

I'm really happy that you've come to the point where you accept yourself as you are, it's amazing and it draws a smile on my face to hear you say that you're so happy. It actually does. 

As a transgender guy, I know all that, I can relate to everything you said and I did tear up because you deserve all the good things that happen to you.

Also, I know how much it helps our community the fact that someone like you have been able to stand up and say the truth: that we're just as everyone else. Because, the more we talk about it, the more natural people start to see it - which is as it should be. 

I've read that tweet in which you've said you're working on a project to support the trans community, and as a trans actvist, whatever help you need, I'm willing to help and I'd love to, because that's what I try to do most of the time actually.

You have all my support, Jeydon, we've gone through really similar things after all. Stay awesome as you've always been!

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