Sunday, October 23, 2016

Asking Alexandria's ex-lead singer coming back!?

These last days have been a little weird for the fans of the band Asking Alexandria, but today rumours have been confirmed.

Denis Stoff, singer for the band since Danny Worsnop left, has left Asking Alexandria.

Also, Danny Worsnop, who left the band in 2015, has come back.

Why has this happened? We don't have much information on this, we only know what Ben Bruce has told, which is not much. Basically he has said that Denis stopped talking to them with no apparent reason, and then reclaimed "what they owed him". Ben emphasizes that they didn't kick Denis out of the band.

Their relationship with Danny had improved, even though at first there were some downs. For this reason, finally, he re-joined the band.

Some fans feel happy about this, other feel upset about this, and definitely many don't know how to feel about this. Are you excited about Danny's comeback, or did you prefer Denis? Share your thoughts below!

Here you can watch the video in which Ben Bruce talks about this:

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