Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"No Ordinary Love"

Yesterday, Memphis May Fire released their video for the song of their new album "No Ordinary Love". The video is pretty good, as the song. But the audio for the song had already been released before, so you have probably listened to the song if you are into this band's music. 
Let's talk about the video. It is a really realistic one, it does reflect today's society, how the teenagers act and that kind of thing... a really good video in my opinion.
Well, also, their album Inconditional, has just been released today. The audio for all the songs has already been uploaded in YouTube so you can listen to the songs, if you haven't already. Have you gotten the physical copy of the album yet? 
Below I'm posting the video for "No Ordinary Love" so you can watch it, I hope you like it: 

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