Friday, March 28, 2014

Respect Among Fandoms

I am going to talk about something I see so often and I hate it. People from different fandoms insult each other and hate in other fandoms. Come on! We are supposed to be rational people, aren't we? You don't have to like any band out there, you don't have to agree with their music or style or way of thinking, but there's this little word called "RESPECT" that we all should never forget. What's the point of insulting someone's fandom, music, or favorite band? If you don't like a band, okay, don't listen to them. 
For example, I am not like a fan of pop music, I just like some certain songs, but I don't go insulting pop artists because of that. We have to respect other people's music taste, favorite bands or singers, fandoms... if we want ours to be respected. 
Because, in the end, we all have idols and there is a reason they are our idols, they might make us smile, they might make us happy, and no matter how they do it, but that's the reason we belong to certain fandoms, they might be our escape from reality, even some people's idols are the reason they are alive, so don't judge/insult people because of who their idols are. 
And, to all those people who go saying their idols are better than anyone else's, and insult the rest just without reason, grow up, there aren't best idols, just different ways of thinking and considering what for you makes an artist good. 
Also, please, don't go telling people of other fandoms, or anyone, to kill themselves, there are some things you should never say, and that's one of them. There are bands, songs, music styles, we might not be able to stand, but respect is something that should be compulsory. 
Thanks for taking your time to read this and thanks to everyone who reads this blog, it means a lot <3 

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