Sunday, March 30, 2014

Get Your Heart On! Album Review

This is the first review I'm going to do about an album. The one I have chosen is "Get Your Heart On!" of the band Simple Plan. I know it was released a long ago, in 2011, but it is never too late, right? 
So, Get Your Heart On! (GYHO) is the fourth studio album of Simple Plan, a pop-punk band from Montréal, Canada. It was released the 21th June 2011. I would consider the music style of the album pop-punk or pop rock. The album contains collaborations with artists like Rivers Cuomo (from the band Weezer), Natasha Bedingfield, and Alex Gaskarth (from the band All Time Low). 
The album has very different songs, not just in lyrics, also in rhythm and melody. It is most visible in the hit song Summer Paradise, which is not similar to any other song made by the band before. For me, it is my least favorite song off the album, I am not saying is bad, it is very good, I just prefer other songs from the album. 
Also, we can notice more "punk" songs with a very powerful rhythm like Freaking Me Out (feat. Alex Gaskarth), You Suck At Love and Last One Standing, that are more similar to the punk songs that we could be able to listen in previous albums like "No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls" or "Still Not Getting Any". 
We cannot forget the slower songs of the album, like Gone Too Soon or Astronaut, which have really beautiful, deep and touchy songs. 
And, now, to finish, the last song of the album, my favorite one, and a song that "Astronauts" (fans of Simple Plan), and a lot of people more, can relate to. The song is called: This Song Saved My Life. What can I say about it that can describe enough the song? The song was written for the fans and by the fans, and that exact thing makes the song even more beautiful than it is. I had thought about making an entire post about the song, but, who cares? I will talk about the song here though, and if in any other post I talk about the song too, well, I am sorry. The idea of the song came after all the things the band has been told by their fans, about how their music had helped them through hard times, and, how even, in some cases, it had saved their lives. They decided to write the song, like, for them. They came in their Twitter account and said they were going to write a song about them, called This Song Saved My Life, and asked them to say how their music had helped them through the years. So, with the answers they got, Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau started writing a song with all of that, about all of that. The result was a really beautiful and relatable song that explains perfectly us, the Astronauts (I am Astronaut, that is why I am including myself too). It explains the effect their music has had on us, and still does. But, as I have said before, not just Simple Plan, it describes a lot of fandoms (I could even dare to say almost all, if not all), basically, the effect music has in people. 
So, this is my review of Get Your Heart On! It is the first album review I write, so I am sorry if it is not very good or anything. I hope you guys liked it and I am also going to post the video of the writing process of This Song Saved My Life, I guess you might like to have a look at it:

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