Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hey! I'm not supposed to be writing a post right now, but I really don't care. Here it is over 1AM so, I should be sleeping since I have high school tomorrow, but I can't sleep so I decided to write a post here. If tomorrow at class I fall asleep, blame blogger. 
Today, I decided to talk about over-thinking. I'm not going to talk about people in general, because I don't know if the other people over-think a lot, or don't over-think or anything. So I'll just talk about me. 
I over-think a lot. I over-think everything, literally everything. If I'm in class I always think I got the exercises wrong, and if they ask a question I don't answer even if I know it because I'm overthinking too much and think I got it wrong. If I'm in the shopping centre I overthink about everything there too. If I see someone staring at me, I think that they're thinking something bad, I start thinking that I might look horrible or ridiculous, or that basically they're hating everything about me. If I text someone and they take a long time texting back, I think I annoyed them or something happened to them or they don't like talking to me or whatever. Now it seems like I'm very self centered, or that's what I think it seems at least. But I don't just over-think about that. 
When I see someone, I wonder if they're having a good day or not. When I notice how they're lying while they're saying "I'm okay", I wonder why they're lying and faking a smile. I wonder if they're happy or not. I wonder if people think they're happy but they're dying inside. When I read a book, I wonder what inspired the author to write it; if it was an experience, or if it was about them but they're hiding it among characters. When I listen to a song, I wonder the same. I wonder what made the song writer write that song.
I basically over-think all the things that are around me: the big ones and the small ones. There are more things I over-think besides the examples I said. And, believe me, over-thinking fucking sucks. Sometimes it's good because, in my case, I get to write some cool stuff in the stories I write, and I discover a lot of stuff about people, that they don't have an idea that I know, but I know it. I have a lot of things in my mind all the moments. But, over-thinking is bad in my opinion. At least it has been for me. I have gotten a lot of bad stuff from overthinking. All I have done is creating a very insecure person who hides in her room from the real world because she's afraid of hurting others and getting hurt. Before I do/say anything I overthink a hundred times if what I'm going to say will hurt someone or if they're going to judge me, or if it'll be wrong or anything. And, after I say it I over-think a lot too. 
I'm not going to tell you not to over-think, because I would hate it if someone told me that, because it's not as easy as "just don't over-think". But I'll give you my advice: if you have the chance, don't overthink. Never do that. And if you do, try to distract yourself from over-thinking. 
I hoped you liked this post, and hope you have a good day/night/evening/whatever it is where you live!

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