Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Color Morale releases "Hold On Pain Ends"!

Hey there guys! How have you all been doing? I hope you've been doing great!
I'm writing this post to tell you something that I think you'd love to hear! The Color Morale, a post-hardcore band from Illinois, US, has released today their latest album "Hold On Pain Ends". It's a really awesome album that I'll review anytime soon! I like to take a lot of time to listen to an album a lot of times before reviewing it ;) But, the songs are awesome, and the lyrics will touch your heart. 
Also, the band has released the official music video for the single "Prey For Me". I've just watched it, and honestly I'm in tears. It's a very strong video, and really poweful. It talks about subjects that aren't talked nowadays, and should be talked about. Because talking about it could stop it. I've read some people commenting saying it's triggering. I personally don't find it triggering at all, but I'm telling it here just in case, before you watch it. I personally appreciate a lot when any artists or bands talk about this kind of subjects in music, it's really supportive in my opinion. And, the lyrics are some kind of lyrics you won't find very often, as all the lyrics of this band. Their lyrics are amazing, honestly. And with messages that should be listened by everyone. You know: hold on, pain ends. I really recommend you to give the entire album a listen, you won't regret it, and buy it too if you like it! If you're having a hard time, you definitely should listen to it, and specially to the songs:  Hold On Pain Ends, and Suicide;Stigma. They will help you. This band really helps. Stay strong, things better are coming. Reach out, you're not alone.
Below you can watch the video of the song "Prey For Me"; also you can comment below your thoughts on the album if you have already listened to it: 

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