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Oak Island EP Review

Hello guys! So, today, I'm reviewing Our Last Night's EP Oak Island. 
Our Last Night is a post-harcore band from New Hampshire, US. The band is currently formed by: Trevor Wentworth (screamer, vocalist), Matt Wentworth (vocalist, guitarist), Alex "Woody" Woodrow (bassist) and Tim Molloy (drummer). 
The EP contains 7 songs: Dark Storms, I've Never Felt This Way, Same Old War, Reality Without You, Sunrise, Scared Of Change and Oak Island. And, the length of the album is 26 minutes 30 seconds. All songs were written and composed by Matt Wentworth, except: Sunrise (Matt & Trevor W.), Scared Of Change (Matt & Trevor W., Tim M.) and Oak Island (Matt & Trevor W., Tim M.). The album was released without a label, and produced by Matt Wentworth. It was released the 5th November 2013, and the styles of the album are alternative rock and post-hardcore. Now that I'm done with the "technical details", it's time for the actual review. 
The EP is pretty different than the any other music Our Last Night has ever released before, but it still fits the kind of music they usually do! Although it contains more clean vocals than usually, and there are just a few songs with screaming on them, the EP is awesome! 
Track by track: 
- Dark Storms: a great track to start the album with, which is a mix of the "quieter" sound of Our Last Night that could be found in the album Age Of Ignorance, but with a great screaming part too. Also the song has a great instrumental and lyrics about what you do in life and that stuff. The song makes you think. Especially I want to stand out one of my favorite quotes from the song: "you can only get so far with no one by your side". I believe that there's so much truth behind that, because, when you truly want to do something, you have to do it alone if you want it to work. And, the intro of the song is amazing too: "whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it's very important that you do it, coz, nobody else will".  
- I've Never Felt This Way: the second track of the album keeps with a heavy sound that comes closer to the sound of the band at their beginning. It contains more screaming than the previous track, and the instrumental is amazing as well! The lyrics are great too, and talk about getting away from a relationship and feeling finally free after that. 
- Same Old War: this track is softer than the other two. Anyway it still has a great instrumental, and the genre of the song is still rock. It doesn't contain screaming. And the lyrics are really deep. I prefer the lyrics of this song rather than the other two. The song is whether about fighting against life itself and its obstacles, or fighting against the past. With a great message in it: "stay strong, keep moving. Can't let the darkness blind us". 
- Reality Without You: this track kind of follows the style of Same Old War according to instrumental. It's not very heavy, but it's not soft either. Great instrumental, and great lyrics too. The lyrics talk about a love relationship in which you get lied and had never expected that. 
- Sunrise: this is definitely my favorite track from the album, and my favorite song of Our Last Night, and my favorite song at the moment too. I have an especial love for this song, and I want to write another post just about the song, so I'll just talk "a bit" of it. The song is about bullying, and gives a message of hope in the whole song. I think that other message I get from it is "you're not alone", even though they don't say those words exactly, it feels like that. It's the quietest song from the album, in some parts it could be considered a ballad I think. The lyrics and instrumental are great though. 
- Scared Of Change: in this track the band comes back again to a heavier sound, which screams and heavy parts. It's got a great instrumental, and the lyrics, as the title shows, are about being scared of change. We all are in some way, any change is scary, but, as the band says: "I'll be okay". Change might seem hard, but it ends up being all okay. And, life changes, but if you want to, you can choose to stay being the same.
- Oak Island: the last track of the album has a style similar to the one in Scared Of Change. It's got great instrumental and lyrics too. The lyrics are about uncertainly in my opinion. But with this track I'm not really sure about the meaning anyway. 
So, this is my review of Oak Island EP by Our Last Night! The entire track by track is just my interpretation of the songs from the EP, and my opinion. I really hope you liked it :) Let me know your opinion below in the comment! I would love it if I could get Our Last Night to read it, so if you can, share this, thank you! I'm sorry if it was way too long and boring... And below you can listen to a full stream of the EP: 

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