Monday, August 4, 2014

5 Seconds Of Summer Album Review

Hey there guys! Well, today, in twitter, I asked which album review you prefered, between 5 Seconds Of Summer (by 5 Seconds Of Summer), or Oak Island (by Our Last Night). Since 5 Seconds Of Summer was the winner, I am going to do the review of that album. I will write a review of Oak Island other day too, don't worry about that if you wanted a review of Oak Island. 
The album 5 Seconds Of Summer is the first full lenght album of the Australian pop punk/pop rock band. I'm going to talk a little bit about the band before I talk about the album. 
The band was formed in 2011 by Luke Hemmings (lead vocalist and guitarist), Calum Hood (vocalist and bassist) and Michael Clifford (vocalist and guitarist). Later, Ashton Irwin (drummer and background vocalist) joined the band, completing it. They have released several EPs, like Somewhere New, She Looks So Perfect, and Don't Stop. 
Now, the album. It was released the 27th June of 2014. The album consists in 12 songs (normal version), in which you can find a variety in music styles. The album goes from songs with a pop punk sound, like Don't Stop, End Up Here, Good Girls, Kiss Me Kiss Me and 18; to songs which are closer to a pop sound, like Everything I Didn't Say and Beside You; with also an acoustic sound, in Amnesia. Before I continue reviewing the album, I wanted to leave something clear. I myself consider 5 Seconds Of Summer a pop punk band, although a lot of you might not agree with me, but, yeah, they're not rock or punk rock, but they are pop punk, you can tell it in a lot of their songs. 
The lyrics of the album are about love mostly, in exception of songs like Social Casualty (which is in the deluxe version of the album), which lyrics are about society and those things... 
Also I find it necessary to add that 5 Seconds Of Summer worked with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low in the album; Alex helped on the writting of the song Kiss Me Kiss Me. 
The album is a pretty good one, in my opinion. My favorite songs from it are Everything I Didn't Say and Amnesia; for me, the meaning of both of them are the ones that touch my heart the most in the album. That doesn't mean I don't like the rest, I like all the songs. I find them cool. I think that you should give it a listen if you haven't, you'll like it ;) 
Below I'm posting the official music video of the second single of the album Don't Stop, and an edit I made of a quote from the song Amnesia:

And, I hope you all liked the review of the album! Also, I want to thank to everyone who reads this blog, you're awesome :)

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