Friday, August 15, 2014

Janick Thibault's Birthday!

Hello there guys! What's up? Today, 15th August, it's Janick Thibault's 20th birthday! So, I decided that this was an awesome oportunity not to just post pictures of him, but also to talk about him! If you don't know who he is, he's the lead singer and guitarist of the pop-punk band Amasic. I've talked about them a lot of times in this blog though. Janick Thibault started a YouTube channel, which user was: greenday3840. He started posting guitar covers and full covers of songs of artists like Green Day, Linkin Park... Later, he also started to post original songs in his channel. In those songs, he would play all instruments and sing. The first original song he wrote was called: "You". He released a few albums in iTunes later with the name of "Amasic", as a one-man band. The albums were called "Injustice" and "What Will It Take". Also he released an EP: "Breaking Apart" and singles, and more covers. He was getting more famous as time went by, and getting more and more views in his channel. He appeared a few times on T.V. and even won a contest on T.V.! He formed a band with Jessy Bergy, Mehdi Zidani and Matt McCormack, which still had the name "Amasic". 
Well, for me, Janick is a great musician, but not just because he sings great and plays the guitar great too. Since he started writing original music, the lyrics he has written have always been unique. Nowadays, it's hard to find good lyrics, with deep meanings, and the lyrics Janick has written have always been whether deep or meaningful, you know, the kind of lyrics that you can relate to and that touch your heart. Also that are about some things like this society, or people, or life basically. You can find a great variety in the songs written by him. He's an amazing artist, but also an amazing person who really appreciate his fans and also cares about them. I'm sure that he and his band will go really far and will become bigger and bigger! Below I'm posting a video of one of his firsts songs and pictures of him:

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