Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Never Giving Up" and more cool new music!

Hey guys! These last days have been good days for new music videos and new music coming out, so that I'll be sharing with you some of the stuff that has been put out these last few days that you might be interested about!
To start with, the post-hardcore band 'Of Mice & Men' has released today a new song, called "Never Giving Up", from the upcoming 'Restoring Force Full Circle", coming out the 24th of this month in the US!

Secondly, the pop punk band 'Fall Out Boy' released yesterday a music video for their song "Irresistible" from their last album: 'American Beauty/American Phsyco", in which you will definitely laugh a lot and enjoy watching!

Also, the pop band 'Like Rockets' (they're pretty cool, in case you haven't heard about them) has released a music video for their last single "Hold On", which is a very soft and beautiful track. I personally love to listen to these kind of songs at night.

To finish with, the post-hardcore band 'Motionless In White' decides to break the cycle and releases a music video for their last single "Break The Cycle", which is an amazing track from their last album 'Reincarnate' and has a great music video!

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